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Best Completed Werewolf Stories by laveeta
Best Completed Werewolf Storiesby lavita ebella
I have read all of the stories and i recommended all of this book just for you who obsessed with Werewolves stories. From the newest and hottest stories you ever read, t...
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His Broken Soul by Hijabi-Princess
His Broken Soulby Anonymous Writer
[Reached #1 in Spiritual] He stands there tall, but not the same man I saw yesterday. This man had his shoulders slouched, he was heaving up and down. Not strong and con...
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Him by nay_fluentsarcasm
Himby Nay Potter
"Yo. Don't you see i'm walking here" I said to the boy that bumped into me. "I-I'm s-so-sorry I w-wasn't l-looking wh-where I was g-going " the boy...
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LOVE QUOTES by fyozelli
LOVE QUOTESby veronicafyozellia
A collection of love quotes.
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horribly beautiful ✔️ by ithinkyouwere
horribly beautiful ✔️by bloodhound
people write about things that do not happen. they will romanticize this world in hopes of filling themselves up. they write like their words are food. but i have alwa...
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inadequate love by ithinkyouwere
inadequate loveby bloodhound
sometimes we fall in love with the wrong people. and we stay with them, because we think that our love is enough to mold them into the person we want them to be. it n...
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Texting Him. | COMPLETE ✔️ by sage_reed
Texting Him. | COMPLETE ✔️by sage
❝what was your first clue?❞ * Copyright © 2017 completed on Inkitt - #676 in Teen Fiction 2/04/2018 - #317 in Teen Fi...
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The way you look at HIM by shawnongoss
The way you look at HIMby Shawnon
Rye and Andy have always been super close but they went any further because Ryan was a hundred percent straight That's was until they have a new band member sonny who...
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crush\boyfriend imagines by Smol_Satan
crush\boyfriend imaginesby Smol_Satan
Just some little imagines for those with an all consuming crush on someone
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Trapped With Him by amysteriousmiss
Trapped With Himby ms. 🍷
Catherine was a woman blinded by love. She lives with her cheating husband who betrayed her and took everything she once owned. She can't leave, because if she does, she...
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Don't hurt me, I'm a virgin. by IllicitImagination
Don't hurt me, I'm a virgin.by Lia
"Let's finish off where we've started shall we?" He says huskily. His voice seems to be calling my libido. But before I could respond, Jeremy has taken me in...
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The Tutor | 2016  ✓ by BlackMidnights
The Tutor | 2016 ✓by A ❥
When she receives yet another ugly grade, her teacher sets her up with a student tutor in her class, who also so happens to be the bad boy. (note: this story is a bit -a...
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Normal? I wish by lifeainteasytolive
Normal? I wishby lifeainteasytolive
Addilyne Storme Grayson is a outspoken girl that will take nobody's shit but she is nice she has had a real rough past and she believes what people say about her but whe...
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The cuddle buddy code by sagetisdale0550
The cuddle buddy codeby Sage Tisdale
The rules were simple, 1) no kissing 2) come whenever it happens 3) no one knows 4) never go in the attic 5) never be afraid to ask for a ride & 6) no falling in love A...
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Trial and Error by notverygoodatthis
Trial and Errorby notverygoodatthis
Teenage Elliot Atkinson thinks she has high school life figured out by her sophomore year. She has a few simple rules she makes herself follow to keep her in check. With...
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Him, that one perfect guy (Levi x reader) by sailormoon33557799
Him, that one perfect guy (Levi x...by Levi & Subaru sis
You were a little, normal, girl who happened to live were your best friends Eren, Mikasa, and Armin live. You have known them for a long time now, even since preschool...
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Tom Holland Imagines by Gryffindorhollander
Tom Holland Imaginesby Gryffindorhollander
Tom Holland Imagines #605 in fanfiction, #293 in fanfiction, #585 in fanfiction, #249 in fanfiction, #199 in fanfiction, #219 in fanfiction, #188 in fanfiction, #415...
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Unspoken Poetry by solarannalise
Unspoken Poetryby Annalise
if i told you how much you mean to me, i'd never to a chance to finish.
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romantic poetry / halsey by chngofheart
romantic poetry / halseyby g
crazy to think since 5am all i see is green eyes and i'm lost in them
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His Family Bought Her (on hold) by LushaLala
His Family Bought Her (on hold)by MaiLe Lusha
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