Falling in Love, with the cutest dork in school. [Blurb]

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(So this is just another of my other stories that I never ever started, that I had on quizilla, and had them saved up in the draft section)

¿¡¿¡Am I, in ♥ with the dorkiest/cutest girl in school?!?!


*Story in a guy's perspective*

Alice, had a small and secret crush, to the schools most popular guy, Dustin, he was the kind to never pay attention to the pathetic losers, and was a society ruler, popularity does kill most of your personality. One trip, eye locking second, and she had the key to maybe possibly opening his heart; what she didn't know that the look he gave her was serious, she shrugged it off and smiled, walking away to her next class, Science. He knew perfectly who she was, but she didn't know that, she hid among the crowds as usual, until the day that Dustin brushed off the desire to please others, and went up to ask her out; well not exactly, tutoring lessons on ''insert class here''<---You guys can pick the subject. (:

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