I'm NOT a good girl

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I didn't write this, I like this too, it's kinda like me, so ya' here it goes:

You think you can tell me what to do,

You think you know me and that i could never be a baaad giiiiirrrrlll,

Well i have some news for youuuu dont tell me what to dooo,

I'm sorry to have to break it to you like this but im not a gooood ggiiirrrrl,

I swear, i lie, i slam doors in your face, I dont listen when you tell me what to do and i flirt with all the boys,

Dont try and stop me cause i dont wanna be stopped,

Cause im nott a goood girrrlll,

You should of seen the signs ,

Its so unbelievably ovbious,

Im sorry to tell you that im not your little girl anymore and im not a gooooddd girrrrl,

Cause im breakin free,

I can do whateva i want to,

I dont have to listen to your lectures anymore,

I can go out and just have fun without u having to come along,

Cause im not a goood girrllll if you dont like it well thats too bad.

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