[Update!!] I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy... (Bad & Good News...)

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'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'

(Bad & Good News...)


Bad & Good News...



The Bad news...


So lets start with the bad news, that way we can go to the sunny side in the tunnel, so...I'm not going to continue writing 'Miss. Innocent'' It just feels as like I started wrong with it, so...I'll say Bye, Bye, to it, I won't 'delete' off the site, but it will be definitely labeled as 'Canceled'

This is definitely Official information, believe me, it was a hard decision, but I just can't get to put my mind into anything, so sorry to you all, especially to those who really like 'Miss. Innocent'' I apologize, if I might seem like a bitch at the moment, but I did say it was a hard decision to make.


I really am. ='(


The Good news...


So the good news are, that it won't be fully canceled, it will, just that not fully, why? Because I'm thinking of restarting it, differently, most things will be the same, but it'll definitely be different, and maybe I'll even change the stories name, but I'll give out an update, so you guys can know where the new version will be named.

I'm just hoping your okay with my decision, please don't hate, if you feel like an idea is pouring in, then tell me, and your name will be announced with the ''This is her/his idea' and a nice thank-you message, so this is my little update to you all, hope it wasn't much of a hassle to you, but it was to tell you, and you guys would know, or to just do it without any knowledge of you all, and that would be just so cruel of my part, and I don't want to be any were close of my self.


LolaLovise (A.K.A. -Marc-)

P.S. I'm sorry about the sudden burst out, I'll update the info soon, I'll update with the characters new names, looks, but somehow the interests will be all mostly the same, except for some things, I'll change the title and I'll send it out soon, but I still don't know when, okay.

P.S. I think I had mentioned it earlier on one of my messages, but I just wrote this so it would coe out clearer to you all. Sorry, again =(.

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