You and I

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You and I

Dedicated To: Katy and Dan

May you keep shining bright, while your together, up above.

Spread your wings

it's time to shine

just grab my hand

face them all

no one can

or ever will

harm us all.

The world becomes our friend

when we're together

you feel it

I feel it

it's now or never

it's time to shine

I'd never believe

but now I see it

you and me

me and you

shine bright

'cause it's our time

glitter shine

Every time you say

spoken you say

anything to me

nothing seems to be

ever hurting me

you might say stupid things

might trip on your shoelaces

but that's just you

which I love to call

you and I

I'm fine with that

there's no place to hide

where else to go?

leave us alone

the clouds have grown

where now alone

but just for now

what can we do?

when they come back?

let's run or hop

and try to hide

When the night came

it swept us away

my light goes damp

I try to shine

our hearts fight strong

as drift to the storm

You and I

forever more

you and I

eternity comes forth

now you and I

never more, apart shall be

even now, they say so

they'll miss us

'cause we're marked


Two souls parted apart


you and I

shine bright


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