A Kiss For Clumsy | ✓ by IzzyBae20
A Kiss For Clumsy | ✓by isabelle
❝The problem is, if I kissed you, I don't think I'd be able to stop.❞ •-•-• Blaire Collins has a curse. A curse that goes by the name of clumsiness. Despite being confid...
  • academy
  • trips
  • love
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Mobile Legends (Interactive Story) by MajesticNuggets
Mobile Legends (Interactive Story)by MajesticNuggets
Make odd choices while talking with wacky characters from Mobile Legends. And let's hope you don't die too much... All stories are for fun and people who don't know what...
  • humor
  • weird
  • sarcasm
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Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesie by tepigforlife
Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesieby tepigforlife
"Chilling in my comfy onesie! Chilling, chilling, chilling in my unicorn onesie!" I sang while doing a little dance. Then I heard laughing behind me. "Wh...
  • awesome
  • unicorns
  • cringy
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Not yours to keep (complete) by paris2445
Not yours to keep (complete)by Emma the cow lord!
Kidnapping is stupid in general it's even more stupid if you're name is Kaden and you kidnap Vanessa Kaster's. Who will be the last idiot standing? Who will fall on the...
  • love
  • teenager
  • wattys2017
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TJL#3#My Heart Is In Greece √ by HiddenInTheEpic
TJL#3#My Heart Is In Greece √by Arshia Saif Kayanat
Elaina Stewart is a incredibly beautiful and clumsy daughter of Billionaire. She is careless and stubborn girl and hard to handle. Her brother loves her most and that's...
  • stubborn
  • romance
  • ignored
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I'm Not Crazy Yet by Ez_the_kiwi
I'm Not Crazy Yetby Ez_the_kiwi
"What're you doing?" "Nothing," I say quickly. "Were you making snow angels in the pink frosting?" "Pfffft. What nooo. God, what that'...
  • funny
  • duck
  • british
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Kidnapped by NeaNWeirdo
Kidnappedby ♦Kate♦
Avianna Dallas was just dancing in a T-shirt in her underwear dancing along to Despacito when she sees something she shouldn't have seen. Moments later, three handsome g...
  • humor
  • kidnapped
  • weird
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The Gangleader's  Love by _Call_Me_Sparkles_
The Gangleader's Loveby _Call_Me_Sparkles_
Meet Allison Grey the crazy, weird, loud, happy and sarcastic teenager She's your typical 15 year old Highschool girl. Meet Andrew Valdez not only is he the complete opp...
  • littleromance
  • allison
  • shooting
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Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ✔️ by amberiscool333
Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ♡Raven♡
Still a better love story than Twilight.
  • lol
  • america
  • horror
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Prank Caller by bookbabere
Prank Callerby yan
In which a boy prank calls a crazy girl. "Love with every stranger, the stranger the better" ~~~~~~~ *warning: Contains: -offe...
  • romance
  • prank
  • sydster
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A Relationship With My Teacher (Student/Teacher) by jayson_loves_cats
A Relationship With My Teacher ( jayson_loves_cats
Lauren is in high-school and it is the first day.. Meaning new teachers.. New assignments... New school year. Little does she know that when she meets her History teache...
  • relationships
  • teachers
  • student
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Run Mia Run by Black409
Run Mia Runby •••
Mature Content ✅ "Just leave me alone Xavier" He growled again as his eyes turned black he pinned me against the wall and spoke. "I will never leave you...
  • vote
  • arrogant
  • badboynextdoor
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YoU'rE mInE {Yandere Brother x Reader} |COMPLETED| by Pastel_Girls
YoU'rE mInE {Yandere Brother x Lilly
Here ya go! Like I promised! Slow updates! Just bare with me
  • weird
  • yandere
  • xreader
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Mafia kidnapper by Beauty_Majestic
Mafia kidnapperby Beauty_Majestic
Ellen is an average school girl except she has no parents or family. She lives alone and is cold towards everyone except her best friend. She always never talk or get i...
  • japan
  • comedy
  • revenge
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His Girl by _Loveless_22
His Girlby HeArTLesS Fu-ker
"Shut up" he says trying to act serious. "I didn't even say anything!" I exclaim, laughing. He has a evil glint in his eye. "Shut up." &q...
  • weird
  • hisgirl
  • teenfiction
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Kidnapped and running with the bad boys  by yahgurll
Kidnapped and running with the Sextingwbu
What would you do if you were kidnapped by the bad boys ?
  • badboy
  • weird
  • firststory
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Trapped With the Badboys by xsuperheroinpyjamasx
Trapped With the Badboysby J.K.
4 teenagers are trapped. In 1 school. For 2 weeks. Just 3 guys and a girl. What could possibly go wrong? p.s. this book has a weird sense of humor. you have been warned...
  • corny
  • drama
  • lgbt
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The Bad Boy Owes Me Food by Nutellasparty
The Bad Boy Owes Me Foodby x.Alexandra.x
Imagine this: You have a weird dream about a boy named Elijah R. Michaels, and you're surprised because you never really talk to a boy. But do you want to know what's sp...
  • elijah
  • leukemia
  • nerf
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You Are In Hell Boys ✔ by Nadineat2
You Are In Hell Boys ✔by Nadine AT
[You should read the first book : Welcome to hell boys, but it's not a must ] Imagine this ~ You are walking down the street, holding a bag that's full of Oreos for you...
  • humor
  • sarcastic
  • insults
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Jacksepticeye x Reader by GirlOnInternet
Jacksepticeye x Readerby GirlOnInternet
You're a youtuber that's making your way up to be famous. You were inspired to make gaming videos because of your all time favorite youtuber Jackseptcieye, and when you...
  • randomcharacter
  • idkwhatimdoing
  • cheesy
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