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By Accident (Natsu x Lucy|NaLu| story) by violet--eyes
By Accident (Natsu x Lucy|NaLu| not ur senpai
When Lucy finally realizes she likes Natsu after a certain White-haired mage, "accedently" pushes Lucy which caused her to trip and fall on Natsu and kiss him...
  • fairy
  • fairytail
  • tail
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Campus Nerd by essiram_28
Campus Nerdby essiraM
SHORT STORY•﹏• Ynah Marie Roosvelt isang dakilang campus nerd na binubully tinanggap nya lahat nang pambubully sakanya kahit na sinasabihan na sya nang masasakit na sali...
  • love
  • nerd
  • heartthrob
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Unforgettable Lines from Wattpad Characters by ishenxxx
Unforgettable Lines from Wattpad Gray Riego
Mga quotes na nanggaling sa sikat na writer at characters sa wattpad at sa mga kilalang artista, scientist at iba pa.
  • whipped
  • ebnab
  • ilys1892
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Power Trippin' (Editing) by GoalDigger
Power Trippin' (Editing)by † ♥
Would you believe me if I said I’m in love? Baby, I want you to want me Would you believe me if I said I’m in love? Baby.. I want ya ♥
  • fiction
  • trippin
  • non-teen
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Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast Boy x Raven) by T-Birdee17
Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast T-Birdee17
When Beast Boy and Raven wake up in the middle of the Rain Forest, with no sign of civilization, and their powers not working correctly, they have to work together to tr...
  • sticks
  • shelter
  • love
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trippin' on you (Toni Topaz x Reader) by Malfoy_St_It
trippin' on you (Toni Topaz x Serpent_Lover06
"But I think that I'm done trippin', I'm trip-trippin' I've been sippin', that's how I control My bad, my bad for, trippin' on you" Where can we begin with Y/N...
  • blossom
  • ellamai
  • tonitopaz
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2 | RANTISH ➢ MISC by szasdoves
2 | RANTISH ➢ MISCby ☆ミ
boring rants by a boring girl. ps it's actually lit. (book 2)
  • rants
  • poppin
  • talkthepoc
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Fear  by Pwinchester
Fear by Swimmingwookie
Don't be so naive A collection of short stories based on the deep fears that all humans share.
  • short
  • scared
  • phobia
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High Up (Joshler) by lgndnmywnmnd
High Up (Joshler)by pipsqueak
"Who ever said stoners only care about getting high? Cause when I'm with you, my heart says otherwise." stoner!josh fem!tyler
  • high
  • tylerjoseph
  • drugs
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Cocaine is a hell of a drug by U_w0t_M8
Cocaine is a hell of a drugby U_w0t_M8
it was a Monday morning and I was snorting my last full tub of cocaine. I was trippin' serious ballz. I sat down on the couch and put on Power Rangers, this is gr8. I ha...
  • mcdonalds
  • ballz
  • trippin
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Suddenly it's MAGIC ! by queen_of_blues
Suddenly it's MAGIC !by Ms. Blue ♡
"WHEN THE MAGIC OF LOVE COMES YOUR WAY, YOU CAN NEVER GO AGAINST IT" Kaya mo bang sumugal sa ngalan ng PAG-IBIG? ~~~~ Ang bilis ng tibok ng puso ko. Parang hi...
  • friendship
  • book
  • fiction
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Trisha's Psychological Adventures by Arse-Nato
Trisha's Psychological Adventuresby Nigward
A story about a girl named Trisha. Trisha is a short, sweet, sober, and super shy girl. That all changes when she has her first drink. ...
  • wattys2018
  • loveatfirstsight
  • shyness
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Sacred Geometry 🔥 by CliffJonesJr
Sacred Geometry 🔥by Cliff Jones Jr.
A young student visits the home of a renowned scholar who has made an offer to tutor the boy in mathematics. Over an unusual cup of tea, the two begin discussing geometr...
  • outofbody
  • dreampunk
  • horror
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my love for jonaxx by seeme2017
my love for jonaxxby seeme2017
pride for jonaxx..she simply pinched every inch of me evrytime i read one of her works so i simply wrote this to let her know how she changes the ideas of every girl who...
  • jonaxxstories
  • tripped
  • scorchinglove
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Hetalia: Tripping, Then Falling (Chibitalia x HRE) by UnKnown294
Hetalia: Tripping, Then Falling ( UnKnown294
Who would have thought by tripping and falling down a long way of stair steps with a basket full of laundry could make you think of infatuated thoughts about the person...
  • hetalia
  • hungary
  • hurt
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Cursed by the Gods by FA1306
Cursed by the Godsby FA1306
Riley has always been different, she had a talent for setting things on fire and loved to cause trouble. So when she gets picked to go to the Blesswood academy and serve...
  • brothers
  • tripping
  • reverseharem
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regret trippin by trnartist
regret trippinby trnartist
The online world, it was a much safer and peaceful place for people. People who ended up with problems in their life such as depression, parents being divorced; could sp...
  • regret
  • trippin
'Carrot Woman' by Johnsfunstuff
'Carrot Woman'by Johnsfunstuff
I wrote a story with the help of 'Zo the AI' for the writing contest. The title had to be "carrot woman" it had to be set on "a broken time machine"...
  • short
  • adventure
  • space
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Mission: Cup Size *15 yrs and older* by FraternalTwins
Mission: Cup Size *15 yrs and Danni & Vannie
* Recommended for mature audiences; 15 years up. This story includes sexual content and innapropriate behaviour and a whole lot of sarcasm!* "The world's going to e...
  • hobo
  • leigh
  • ash
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|PROTECT YOU| [JJK] by Sallyun04
|PROTECT YOU| [JJK]by Sallyun04
I always be there for you always Be at your side and Protect You [JJK×YOU]
  • sugakookiejams
  • trippings
  • alwayshobby
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