Just Because I Am A Girl by xhuzaifaahmad
Just Because I Am A Girlby huzi
A cry of a girl in a world filled with gender-based stereotypes.
  • tears
  • microfiction
  • cry
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Negligence Is Destiny by ElafRewan
Negligence Is Destinyby Elaf Rewan
They made a lot of promises, you know, promises which are meant to be kept. They deceived my innocence. They bled my heart. It aches a lot you know, it aches a lot..
  • innocence
  • shortchapters
  • laugh
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Enca's story by influenceyyy
Enca's storyby
Hi yall Albanian fans & everyone following Enca Haxhia❤. Im a fan of her and im bringing for you all a FANFICTION story. Im sure that everyone of you will find itself i...
  • sad
  • cry
  • idol
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Bing Bong NO! by smroberts23
Bing Bong NO!by a high heeled ranger
Have fun
  • fanfic
  • no
  • week
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He Died At age of 21(On Going) by xxZuanxx
He Died At age of 21(On Going)by Rix Araos
Kevin Suffer's From Brain Tumor And Her parents don't know this Sick because he don't like to Hurt her parents About this Sick
  • cry
  • sad
  • sick
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Bound by Oof! ~A Roblox love Story~ by Samster360
Bound by Oof! ~A Roblox love Story~by Same
Two obnoxious seven year olds, find love within the game of Roblox. But their love is tested through tragedy, loyalty, and of course...Oof. Apologies to anyone off...
  • romance
  • rawr
  • cri
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I Lost Everyone. Even Myself by fiorenzasnts
I Lost Everyone. Even Myselfby fiorenzasnts
a short story about the depressing life story of Aspen Rutherford the story in which she had lost everything. i wrote this story to raise awareness for depression if you...
  • lost
  • deep
  • cry
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Don't Cry by Sushipots
Don't Cryby Sushipots
Babaeng may di normal na buhay kase basagulera sya at feeling lalake nireregla naman. Makikilala nya ang kapitbahay nyang lalake na hindi nya akalain na magapapalambot b...
  • cry
  • age
  • habol
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...ÜÇ NOKTA... by boazybaby
...ÜÇ boazybaby
İçimden geçenleri yazdığı kısa söz ya da yazılar.
  • relax
  • cry
  • bestrong
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Ztraceno v srdci pro srdce by fckinnhell
Ztraceno v srdci pro srdceby fckinnhell
Sbírka mých rádoby básní psaných přímo od srdce pro moje největší srdíčka v života za který jsem vděčná nejvíc na světě..nevím co bych bez vás dělala..toto je jen pro vá...
  • zklamání
  • poet
  • touha
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PAIN-T by fadeswriterr
"I never thought that love could feel like this but, it was a good time, standing there for a long time" -A.R.K started on may.
  • sehun
  • laugh
  • crush
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Let me Go by Sensuinikka
Let me Goby Sensuinikka
They love each other so, they decided to lived together because they believe that love can keep them forever..but what if love is not enough? She thinks let him go ra...
  • love
  • hesitate
  • closure
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❤Quotes For Broken And Inlove❤ by Black_Ange28
❤Quotes For Broken And Inlove❤by Black_Ange28
✖May tamang oras para sa lahat,Matuto kang maghintay✖
  • cool
  • random
  • cry
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Bralie (bray-lee) by SpitFireLife
Bralie (bray-lee)by SpitFire
Bradley x Jalie This ship is two real life people that are one of the cutest couple in the world! I think that they will be together forever! <3
  • cry
  • sad
  • fight
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POEM: Darkly by syaunic
POEM: Darklyby Dysney Land
Another book of poems. Deeply. Darkly. Dauntlessly.
  • poems
  • english
  • depressed
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This will make you 😭 by my_idol_shawn_mendes
This will make you 😭by My_idol_shawn_mendes
Des phrases peuvent tellement démontrer des émotions lorsque tu aimes quelqun!
  • mendes
  • depressed
  • shawn
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S(he)'s Br(ok)en. by anonyehxartfelt
S(he)'s Br(ok) anonyehxartfelt
A teenager girl struggling with anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia opens up to a close friend in an interview to save her grade. she talks about heartbreak and her...
  • texting
  • crazy
  • high
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