Strike, Your OUT

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I won't return your calls

I won't accept your apologies

cause I know what you did last night

and I don't want you back tonight

said, I don't want you....

back, tonight...

and that's definitely strike three

Strike one,

when you lied to me

Strike two,

when you cheated, on me

and Strike three,

I guess you're out

your out, out now

Strike your out

never play this game

you suck

let me say that again

you know

your were gonna loose

it's kinda my fault

for letting you,

in my heart...

but it's all broken now

and I'll get over that

like I've done in the past

so, strike your out

and never come back


I said never coooo--me


Strike your out!!!


This one, well it was to someone..........

It's a secret, but it was my destress song, aaahhhhhhh... it felt so good.

I actually later after sung/yelled this at him, it felt extra good.

P.S. I'm not a bad singer, but I made myself sound horrible just to annoy him, lmao =P


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