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Work Of Art by stereoids
Work Of Artby ニカ
Then there was a long pause, a minute of silence he so desperately needed just to wrap his thoughts around all of this. ''Ah, I'm sorry about your boyfriend. I couldn't...
  • dark
  • kimtaehyung
  • mystery
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Kiss Me Dangerous by atiyamunirx
Kiss Me Dangerousby ˗ˏˋAtiyaˎˊ˗
"You were mine a long time ago sweetheart, don't make the mistake of kissing someone else again because next time I won't be as forgiving." His eyes stared vic...
  • gangster
  • criminal
  • badboy
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Beyond These Walls by Victoriously321
Beyond These Wallsby Victoriously321
Life has been difficult for Rebecca and other humans every since the werewolves took over. She has to abide by their strict rules and it is almost against Rebecca's natu...
  • poor
  • humans
  • possesive
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Nixon by AmythestWinter
Nixonby Amythest Winter
Never speak unless spoken to. Never look into his eyes. Never step out of line. Never speak his name. Never turn your back to him. And most of all...never talk abou...
  • mate
  • dark
  • mystery
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Stalker 101 by anaestheticalmess
Stalker 101by georgia™️
"Oh, look, we're back home! You'll be a lamb for me now, right? Unless you'd like a bullet in that pretty little head of yours, I'd suggest you do as I say." ...
  • murder
  • scary
  • gory
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When Death takes notice by Amrose
When Death takes noticeby Amrose
The book is finished, to be edited... ¤ The muscles in his arms flexed a bit as he pushed himself away from the wall, striding towards me with confidence. I took an invo...
  • kidnapped
  • romanticsuspense
  • dark
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BABY PINK| h.s. d a d d y by styles_lmao
BABY PINK| h.s. d a d d yby 🔆
Pink roses were her favorite. So he bought her white. ** "God didn't give you that beautiful mouth so you would fucking cry all the time. Be a brat, see what happen...
  • fanfiction
  • babygirl
  • onedirection
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Provoke | Harry Styles by ohharderharry
Provoke | Harry Stylesby kai ✨
He was her dark fairytale and She was his twisted fantasy. TRAILER : https://youtu.be/-9xJhT1TToc COVER : @-trilxgy © ohharderharry 2017
  • punk
  • psycho
  • tatelangdon
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DELINQUENT by mostgirlsvice
DELINQUENTby mostgirlsvice
Completed. Thomas Preston is bad news. Scum of the earth, he's a drug dealing, day drinking mess wrapped up in a breathtakingly beautiful body. Mila Scott wants to keep...
  • love
  • antihero
  • youngadult
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The Vampire King by miss__imperfection_
The Vampire Kingby Jitika Salhan
**Highest rank - #1 in Vampire** The most feared Vampire An ordinary human girl Brought together by an unknown prophecy, will she really be the cause of his de...
  • vampire
  • royalty
  • past
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Pretty Little Gangster by MaraLevie
Pretty Little Gangsterby Tammy_lxx
gangster ˈɡaŋstə/ noun a member of a gang of violent criminals. † For some reason Marilyn Rhodes manages to catch the eye of Sin Salvatore, the most...
  • boyfriend
  • sexy
  • bestfriends
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His Angel by JULY-12
His Angelby 👑 دينيز 👑
بِـنظرةٌ واحدة كَـفيلة بِـجعل قلبهُ يضرب بِـقوة قليلاً...خرق بِطريقه إلى قلبه غير مُرحب به...ترقبها بأعينهُ كالذئب المفترس و هي وقعت ضحية غزالة بين يديه...فعندما تسقط ال...
  • beast
  • جنون
  • beautiful
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Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | ON GOING. by TheLittle_Naga_Girl
Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | ON...by Jiniciously JIN ♔
|HIGHEST RANKING| #4 in Werewolf. #1 in mate. * "He's dangerous. He's invincible." "He can take on hundreds of werewolves all by himself." "Beca...
  • love
  • possessive
  • innocent
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Romulus' Possession by DewDropsOnGrass
Romulus' Possessionby Veronica
Romulus is a strict, overbearing and possessive man and he loves his Apple a lot. Apple on the other hand is meek and small yet intelligent and contains a fire inside of...
  • featured
  • alpha
  • alphamale
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When A Murderer Hates You by Elaine213
When A Murderer Hates Youby Elaine213
Mason Blackwood is a murderer. Everyone in town stays away from him and he stays away from everyone. But Elora is not like everyone else. When she first sets eyes on thi...
  • thriller
  • romance
  • love
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The Teacher Inside Me by Anthony_Auswat
The Teacher Inside Meby Anthony Auswat
In this twisted gay thriller, a high school student named Liam can't stop fantasizing about his hot, straight, married English teacher, Mr. Hilton. After an awkward meet...
  • lgbt
  • mxb
  • drama
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Bruised (Harry styles) by littleximperfection
Bruised (Harry styles)by Cassandra
"I'm not scared of you." "Babe, you're terrified."
  • gangs
  • louistomlison
  • possessive
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Masquerade- Tom Riddle Fanfiction by Ink_Rights
Masquerade- Tom Riddle Fanfictionby TheLostGirl
Addie Robins is a no-good rule-breaker, lover of chaos, and a pain in the broomstick. Kicked out of the prestigious school of Durmstrang, she is looking forward for a fr...
  • fiction
  • tomriddle
  • romance
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Star Blood |✔| by world_joy_
Star Blood |✔|by World Joy
"Little Star," the king said, his red eyes shining down as he greedily took in my whole body and the repressors upon it, "it will be my pleasure to corrup...
  • lust
  • dark
  • power
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The Flower Shop  by brightlights101
The Flower Shop by Rochelle
She saw him in a rehab facility. He saw her in a flower shop. ... Her name was Daisy Levingston, twenty two years old and lives on her own with a feline named Seb. Dai...
  • innocent
  • drugs
  • dysfunctional
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