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The Alpha's tiny property by santa1233
The Alpha's tiny propertyby santa1233
What happens when a little girl meets a big wolf. Not a pretty sight you would think. Sage Moon daughter to the Alpha Red Moon isn't the strongest. Well she is the runt...
  • sage
  • bloodmoon
  • redmoon
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Mamamoo 마마무 Lyrics by yeona01423
Mamamoo 마마무 Lyricsby 연애 ∞ YE∅NAE
MAMAMOO (마마무) consists of 4 members:Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. MAMAMOO debuted on June 18, 2014, under Rainbow Bridge World (formerly WA Entertainment). Hello...
  • yellowflower
  • wheein
  • 4season
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My Dangerous Alpha Mate by JulesO07
My Dangerous Alpha Mateby JulesO07
"There is no way I can be your mate you are much higher in rank them me." I said backing up. "Oh well you are my mate and I love you get over it." He...
  • redmoon
  • mermaids
  • love
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The Red Moon by bluebells331
The Red Moonby BlueBelle
A little girl walks outside to get her stuff and she saw a red moon.Last time the red moon was out vampires and witches were welcomed back into our home the small town o...
  • vampire
  • redmoon
  • bloodmoon
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Héritage by EnaPouyou
Héritageby Ena
"Je ne me souvient plus très bien de comment tout à commencé... Un choc... Une disparition... Et un besoin de réponse... De connaître la vérité... Même lorsque le...
  • nemesis
  • insomnia
  • undertale
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The Curse Of The Red Moon by LunarWolfee
The Curse Of The Red Moonby 🌑Lunar Wolf🌑
It was 3 AM. An official phone alert woke me up. It said "DO NOT LOOK AT THE MOON". I had hundreds of notifications. Hundreds of of random numbers were sending...
  • part1
  • terrified
  • redmoon
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Mystified by Gem__bella
Mystifiedby Gem__bella
With the recent move of Arabella and her mother, Bella seems to think her final high school year will be like any other. However on a spontaneous nightly swim, an encoun...
  • crescent
  • island
  • undersea
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Switched by http-tae
Switchedby ⠀ ⠀
Ida had it all, friends, family, and popularity. She even had the boy she so longed for. Having everything in your hands is truly a blessing, but not realizing it is a h...
  • jungkook
  • bwi
  • kimtaehyung
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Pokémon Fanfiction : The Safety Of The Jewel Of Life by Rising_Darkstar
Pokémon Fanfiction : The Safety Rising_Darkstar
In a land far, far away lies kingdom of 'fiore'.this nation was peaceful until a mysterious organization enter and ruined it. ........But this kingdom wasn't THAT weak t...
  • devils
  • pokemon
  • redmoon
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Feathered Blades by lilacperiwinkle
Feathered Bladesby S.S.
Black and Red that's all I saw. Black and Red and...Him.
  • senses
  • life
  • pain
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the red queen  by Katerinadaimon
the red queen by Katerinadaimon
when the moon turns red the red queen comes out
  • bloody
  • anger
  • dominant
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Double the Alpha by LCDrinks
Double the Alphaby LCDrinks
Shariah, Alpha of the Blue Wolf Pack, is withdrawn. Never talking about herself or her feelings, she is a well-known female Alpha, the only one of her kind. Fighting for...
  • joiningpacks
  • joining
  • mate
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Under the moon by lala54r
Under the moonby Lala Rodriguez
Tragedy, unwanted power and the desire to conquer. Anabell finded herself inmerse in a war that she didn't ask for, fighting her own personal demons. Trying to forget a...
  • vampire
  • fiction
  • romance
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Royal  by Kali33
Royal by KAH
The last night of the mortals has been one of not peace but chaos. "Deep in the woods. In the dead of the night. Shadows lurk", a haunting voice echoed, one th...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • sarcasmqueen
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The Castings (On Hold and Editing/ Hiatus) by renegade_monster
The Castings (On Hold and Max
Cassidy Avery Hastings never expected that her amateur novel would be famous- or would be even read at all on Wattpad. She never expected to be like one of those authors...
  • phillipe
  • avery
  • nate
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Red Moon Prophecy by leavemealoneimreadin
Red Moon Prophecyby leavemealoneimreading
The Red Moon Prophecy: Origin. Born in the year of great fear; a war cry, a change of power, a virus that will bring millions to their knees in prayer, and the ground o...
  • prophecy
  • mate
  • redmoon
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THE RED MOON by Kosgamaboss
THE RED MOONby Kosgamaboss
People's worst fear is coming, the red moon has shown. The zombies have awakened.
  • gore
  • redmoon
  • fantasy
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