He never saw it coming.

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Preview: - Short Story. Emma, her mom and little brother, have gone through a whole lot of pain, ever since her dad left them. Trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel, Emma's mom falls in love with this man, who they thought would bring happiness into their lives. Sadly, they were wrong. This man turns their lives into a whole load of lies and fake smiles. There is pain in their household, and Emma has finally had enough. She's going to end this, and she's got just the plan to do it. 

He never saw it coming.

Short Story Written by: Lola Lovise

I was sprawled down on the floor, looking out the door, the darkness, the light that peaked in, from the hallway. I waited. Silent, like a predator to his prey.

I was tired of the same old lies, smiles, and completely disgusted with my pitiful life. All I wanted was to make the hurt go away, to make it right, I didn't want this. I never asked to have this life.

I was only a little girl when it all happened, my mother must have not been right in the head when she married him. She was never right in the head when it came to men. It shows when you take a thought at what was my father.

Ha, my father. I laughed maniacally at the thought of him.

That bastard.

The only good thing he did, was leave us when Jonna was born. That prick.

Well, at least he didn't have to see my mother in that position. Lies. I'm just lying to myself. No he didn't.

My poor, defenseless little brother hadn't seen terror? Yeah, right. Thinking about it, my worthless father would have been better than him. But how could we have known what he was like.

How could my mom have known that she married Satan himself. How could she? When she was so blindly in love with his great façade of a great man. How?

Not even I, the one who told her which guy she went out on dates was a keeper. Not even I. Not even I noticed the devil that was neatly hidden below the surface.

Oh, it pains me. It pains me to remember those nights.

I am a rebel, I am his toy. 

But not again, I hope, not again. Not ever again

 I was completely fed up with this life he built out for us. Sure, in front of everyone he seemed like a great step-father. Rescuing us from our misery. Marrying a woman with already two children. As well as carrying his seed.

Blind fools.

I shuddered as I felt a strong wind gust through the open window. I looked out at the wide open window, and stared out at the sky, mesmerized by the moon. 

A sigh escaped my lips, and I remembered that I should stay quiet. I don't want him to find me, not yet.

 I want to save us, and if I have to risk sometime of my life, so my family can be unleashed from this anguish-filled life, then so be it. I will save us, even if it cost me my life.

I slowly reached for the one thing that will help me through this. I felt it's cold metallic grace fill me with strength and bravery, as I held it closer to me.

This isn't just for the glee of eliminating a useless piece of scum-bag from the face of earth. No, it was for much more. Indeed it was. This goes for my mother, who cried and screamed when he beat her to a bloody pulp, this is for the abuse my little brother Jonna suffered because of him, and this is for me.

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