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One Piece x Reader Oneshots by morianna19
One Piece x Reader Oneshotsby morianna19
Hi guys, here's my collection of oneshots that I made over the years. If you have any requests please let me know. I Don't Own the Picture.
Let's Do This! (One Piece)  by Tigerlily1125
Let's Do This! (One Piece) by Tigerlily1125
After getting transported into One piece from dying a stereotypical death. Watch as the oc goes through life as a marine and daughter of One marine hero Monkey D. Garp...
Miss Smiley ✵ tralfalgar law by lostinreality08
Miss Smiley ✵ tralfalgar lawby Chuu☆
| AU👼🏻 | You made it a mission to befriend Trafalgar Law and there's a lingering question that continued to spin in his head. Why were you called Miss Smiley?
Dr. HEART STEALER by Yel_lue04
Dr. HEART STEALERby Yel_lue04
"It's absurd that someone like you want to take a path of saving lives". Note: Modern Setting Disclaimer: One piece belongs to Master Oda. Credits: I'd be us...
One Piece One Shots [x Reader] by redskybluecherry
One Piece One Shots [x Reader]by Redskybluecherry
Various One Piece x Reader One Shots. Cross-posted on AO3/DA. Ongoing and updated as frequently as my schedule allows! Upcoming: Barto x Reader Shanks x Reader Mihawk...
Changing the Future by chrisymd
Changing the Futureby Christina
I didn't understand what was going on. I should be dead. Why am I not dead? I questioned before realizing something once I got a hand on the newspaper. I wasn't in my wo...
Poesía Nocturna by AnniedeAllen
Poesía Nocturnaby Annie Reader
«Una mirada dice más que mil palabras» Sus ojos me escudriñáron. Y logré leer su mirada. Descepción, tristeza, indiferencia, inseguridad, asco, deshonra... He visto much...
Rivales (BTS y tu) by Chica_Indiscreta_365
Rivales (BTS y tu)by Chica_Indiscreta_365
1 Temporada: nuevo pais... nuevos amigos ... Pero el pasado siempre te persigue todo se tendrá que decidir en un segundo mientras juntan sus labios pero sera un sueño...
Me enamore de un villano(Peter Pan y tu) by Elena_mzn
Me enamore de un villano(Peter Elena Aloy
hoy os contare mi historia,la historia de cuando me enamore de mi heroe el cual acabo siendo el amor villano que conocí. hola soy _______,tengo 16 años y no tengo padres...
The game of boredom by roronoa-swords
The game of boredomby Phoenix
; ) Doflamingo is bored while waiting for ace's execution to begin. He has many ideas on how to cure his boredom.... (Ft. crocodile) One piece and the characters do not...
𝐓𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠. || 🥀 by blindgay
𝐓𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠. || 🥀by 𝐊𝐞𝐢𝐣𝐢 𝐀𝐤𝐚𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢
;'title Texting [SLOW UPDATES] One day, Law's friends (Bepo, Penguin, Shachi) decide to do a small prank on Law by taking his phone and texts a random num...
The Waters We Stand On by mhagames
The Waters We Stand Onby mhagames
Luffy has always been an energetic kid, his brothers, Ace and Sabo, have been watching over him since he was 7 Everything seems to be normal Ace Sabo and Luffy going abo...
Under the Mask by Lillie1512
Under the Maskby Lillie1512
After Lillian gets out of the hospital, she gets a late start to her first year of medical school at Marineford University in Sabaody. Everyone around her seems to have...
Rosiante's Angel  by Piratequeen2020
Rosiante's Angel by Captain Mandy
Angel was a talkative girl,but after being assaulted by the evil Doflamingo.. she became silent barely talking to anyone,but Donquixote Rosiante has his eye on her. He w...
Mensaje a España del Señor Jesucristo Sacramentado by YolandaRoldanP
Mensaje a España del Señor Prophecies from The Most Holy...
Mensaje a España del Señor Jesucristo Sacramentado. 21/02/2019 Santifíquense Hijos por Mi Sangre Preciosa y sean mis víctimas propiciatorias mártires por Cristo españo...
Corazón Roto Two Shots by 182920Daniela
Corazón Roto Two Shotsby 182920Daniela
Park Seokjin alguien con el corazón roto. Kim Namjoon con un corazón para dar. Portada por @Kimafable_V Portada encontrada gracias @DejaVu_Editorial
Corazon x reader Hellfire 2:His beloved captured by FangLephei
Corazon x reader Hellfire 2:His FangLephei
This is a sequel from my book Corazon x reader Hellfire. If you don't have read it then don't read that first.
"Poesía del corazón" by Poeticacordis
"Poesía del corazón"by Poeticacordis
La poesía es el arte que inmortaliza cada momento y se encuentra al alcance de un sólo sentimiento. Difumina los colores a través del verso, enciende el alma en cada est...
Amy Rose: La Tormenta Pasará [EN EDICIÓN] by MiharuForever
Amy Rose: La Tormenta Pasará [EN Miharu The Angel Hedgehog
Sonrisas, amor, felicidad, todo eso y mucho mas tenia Amy hasta que todo se fue abajo, sus sonrisas seran lagrimas, sus risas se convertiran en gritos, pero su amor se c...