Working the sweat, is so worth it!

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Working the sweat, is so worth it!

I ran through the field, as the coach told us to run some more laps, I didn't feel that bad, I've gotten used to the coach's sarcasm filled orders, and plenty of running, actually has improved my cardio.

After the 10th lap around the field, he finally told us to stop and go to get cleaned up, for we might as well reek like the schools dumpster, we went to get cleaned up, filled with sweat and grass filled uniforms.

I'm the captain of the soccer team, and am the best at it, I may sound cocky, but it's the truth, we haven't won anything, since the 90's, so I get pushed for my best a lot, I don't mind it at all.

Today we were working in a sanguinary way, because tomorrow was our game against one of the best teams as well, we are too, but we have to beat them first, to become rubric the best of the best.

Today was the day, it was the day of the game, the team stood on a scaffold, as both teams were being introduced. The scenery was just of screaming students of both schools, cheering up for there team.

Today there was a scarcity of the sun, so it would be a fresh game. The game would be published via satellite, so mostly everyone was watching right now, it was the final game, which team would win? It was all a matter of time to find out.

The schedule had been waiting for this, and now it was the time, the game started as soon as we heard the whistle, we hurdled up and talked through the plan, and then I hand shacked with the other teams captain, he definitely looked like a schemer, I had to watch my back of him.

As soon as the game started, we went as though our life depended on it, and quickly we had scored our first goal, it seemed a bit too easy, so we still kept our guard up. The other team did this tactic, which confused some of my teammates, causing for our goalpost keeper to move so our safety had lowered to a lower percentage.

But I did a sacrifice and asked for time out, as we took some breaths, letting some of the adrenaline to wash off a little, we got back to the game, with enough time to spare, we must of been stronger than the other team, because they were all breathless as they tried to catch up, but the game was surprisingly easy, the opponent team wasn't as rough as the media had said so. We won from a landslide, while the other team only got in one goal, which we let them, seeing they were losing, and we'd already had the game to our last minutes.

Maybe appearances aren't always what they seem, or maybe our coach was right on making us train a lot, and that might of been the reason. Working hard to achieve something, is the right path to a great success.

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