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The Servant's Sleepover by TheRoleplayQueen_
The Servant's Sleepoverby The Roleplay Queen
When two girls play truth or dare at what was supposed to be a friendly sleepover, their friendship and relationship changes forever, one being forced to worship the oth...
Dixie tickled by Addison by Ticklelover6973
Dixie tickled by Addisonby FanficFreak123
Dixie Gets tickle tortured by her friend addison.
Monster girls x male prisoner (crimson city) by harleyadams69
Monster girls x male prisoner ( harleyadams69
Y/N was dropped into a city he doesn't know, being hunted by women with odd looking features and bodies who want to use him as a semen pump. Can he find peace in this ne...
Femme militaire et fille de Zidane by LauraTheault5
Femme militaire et fille de Zidaneby LauraTheault5
je suis pas douée pour les descriptions donc vient découvrir par toi même.
Wrap It Up by tkl_my_feet
Wrap It Upby tkl_my_feet
Emma gets more than she bargained for when her tickle-hungry boyfriend spends the night, proving to be equal parts torturous and overwhelmingly passionate. [M/F] PART I:...
Brother's Dilemma by SoleMann_
Brother's Dilemmaby SoleMann_
A teen with an intense foot fetish winds up getting a circumcision, and now has to deal with seeing his sisters and mom prance around the house barefoot making the situa...
Teen Bitch Neighbor by SoleMann_
Teen Bitch Neighborby SoleMann_
When a new neighbor moves in next door, her teen daughter wastes no time in exploiting his foot fetish to her advantage. Meanwhile, he suffers in silence just for the ch...
They Belong To Me (Original Story) by TaraNorthman
They Belong To Me (Original Story)by BLKGURLSMUSE
Adam Viklund loves his family, his brothers Andrew and Austin are his best friends. Last year the handsome millionaire met the woman of his dreams and he feels his life...
Tentacles attack on my feet. by malefeetticklee
Tentacles attack on my malefeetticklee
One summer evening, I meet a strange visitor. While he looks menacing at the beginning, we find out we both love tickling my feet!
Drunk Foot Fun at a Party (True Foot Fetish Experience) by sensibleboy567
Drunk Foot Fun at a Party (True Adrian Sandoval
Want true foot fetish stories? This is it right here. Every story shared is 100% true (Pics are usually hit or miss, some are REAL some are FAKE but still represent the...
The Baby and the Battlefield by CarolinaC
The Baby and the Battlefieldby CarolinaC
A baby? On a battlefield? Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend i...
Tiny by giantess44
Tinyby giantess44
Could you imagine being small? Like REALLY small? About two inches to be exact? Well find out what its like in this story! This story is a collective of stories from...
Dorian el esclavo de maria by elpichonmacho
Dorian el esclavo de mariaby elpichonmacho
Este chico tiene un fuerte fetiche por los pies y una de sus amigas lo sospecha, en base a eso ella buscara aprovecharse de el
I'd pour my heart out to you by hell_shell
I'd pour my heart out to youby Luvseeker
« Les gens disent aimer la pluie, mais quand elle est là ils ouvrent leurs parapluies. Voila pourquoi il faut se mefier du mot je t'aime... »
Le début... Notre début {Adam Ounas} by tonerstan
Le début... Notre début {Adam - wondergirl -
C'est un footballeur international qui évolue parfaitement pendant la CAN C'est une photographe timide qui tentera sa chance. Que va-t-il se passer lorsque ces deux là...
The Shrink Ray by GraktungTrakgung
The Shrink Rayby GT
You are Jasper, a 21 year old boy who gets kidnapped, and used as a test subject for an experimental device known as the Shrinkmatic-8902. This is gonna be either great...
The Giantess House 2 by giantess44
The Giantess House 2by giantess44
By popular demand! The sequel is here! Hope you all enjoy!
The Shrinking Virus - Shrunk by GraktungTrakgung
The Shrinking Virus - Shrunkby GT
15 year old Trevor is at home, during an outbreak of the new, highly dangerous shrinking virus. Will he catch it? And if he does, will he survive?