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A slave to women by Rissrob
A slave to womenby Rissrob
David a plumber go to a house to repair a leak. Only to be kidnapped and used by Jenny and her friends
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Tiny by giantess44
Tinyby giantess44
Could you imagine being small? Like REALLY small? About two inches to be exact? Well find out what its like in this story! This story is a collective of stories from...
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The Servant's Sleepover by TheRoleplayQueen_
The Servant's Sleepoverby The Roleplay Queen
When two girls play truth or dare at what was supposed to be a friendly sleepover, their friendship and relationship changes forever, one being forced to worship the oth...
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Forced Slavery by Slickdude347
Forced Slaveryby Legacy
On holiday with his fiance, Jason is abducted and enslaved by a cruel woman for her twisted pleasure. He endures various forms of brutal torture and humiliation. Will Ja...
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Adventures of Tommy Thompson by Redkneesocks
Adventures of Tommy Thompsonby Redkneesocks
This 'book' is about my OC, whose name is Tommy, Tommy Thompson. He's a talented 10 years old model boy, whose life is full of adventures and fun! Remark: These are my a...
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OS [Footballeurs] 2 by DraxlerBae
OS [Footballeurs] 2by Yvana
Un nouveau recueil (le premier est presque fini) Cover By @Ellysabellassia
Memes. Eternal memes. <Book 4> by saibota
Memes. Eternal memes. by ✨ a l i ✨
my bitch ass ended up spending over an entire year with book 3 lol anyways, heyo, i'm still a....🗑️ August 9, 2019 - (2019/11/30) hey i got #4 in foot once
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Playing with the Guys by RebeccaKBachelor
Playing with the Guysby Becca
Two words. Foot. Ball. If you keep them sperate, they mean two way different things. One of them is part of our body. We use this thing to walk around and live our liv...
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"Que toi" by mystory_1999
"Que toi"by mystory_1999
Cher journal, ou plutôt devrais-je dire cher Luca, j'ai brisé notre promesse... L : "On restera amis pour toujours je te le promet Dena" D : "Pour toujour...
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Foot Harem by demonoftheearth666
Foot Haremby DM123
Jackson is a high school boy with a foot fetish. Due to his personality, he mostly kept to himself about everything (and secretly watched girl's feet during class). He t...
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Rescue me by tmntleofan
Rescue meby tmntleofan
This is a story of when leo and raph say that they love each other until one day leo finds out something and wants revenge read to find out
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Elle & Lui [ Antoine Griezmann ] Tome 2 by Sunshyning
Elle & Lui [ Antoine Griezmann ] So.Le.Il
Et voilà le tome 2 de Elle & Lui, je vous laisse donc découvrir le choix qu'a fait Amäel;
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Your Ticklish Babysitting Story by Featherscape
Your Ticklish Babysitting Storyby Featherscape
You take a job babysitting for a little extra money in between semesters of high school. When the kids you look after propose a game to play, you quickly learn of their...
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Her Little Assistant by TheRoleplayQueen_
Her Little Assistantby The Roleplay Queen
You apply to become Alicia's assistant and quickly realize what you've gotten yourself into is not what you expected. Co written with Luke.
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Look for the Dragon (A TMNT fanfiction) by Dragon_Claw_Ninja
Look for the Dragon (A TMNT Emma Reid | Animating Artist...
"There's a new creature in the city. A dragon." "What should we do Donnie?" "I think the Kraang made this... we need to bring it down and find o...
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome To My Daddy Review by reviewbrah
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, ReviewBrah <3
An enticing, romantic tale that will leave love in your heart and vomit in your mouth. STORY COVER PHOTO MADE BY ME. Please do not repost anywhere without credit.
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A Study in Feet by MrRedHat
A Study in Feetby MrRedHat
Sherlock gives John an interesting present.
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25 days until Christmas: 1 day, 1 football player, 1 OS. 25 jours avant Noël : 1 jour, 1 joueur de football, 1 OS. 1-25 décembre┊december 2018.
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Giantess RP by BigJo1234567890
Giantess RPby JoStorys
its an giantess rp... : ) thats it
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