Ties That Bind Us by wingandaprayer
Ties That Bind Usby wingandaprayer
It was one night. No names, definitely no feelings. Ava Moretti is a mafia princess with a fiery personality and an aversion to doing what she's told. Nick is heir to t...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • drama
  • forced
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BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED] by NamedL
BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COM...by NamedL
"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily b...
  • fan
  • bully
  • ethan
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That One Decision🤰🏾 (Complete) by asiia2sweet
That One Decision🤰🏾 (Complete)by Baby A❤
What happens when 15 year old La'Nya goes to a party with her bestfriend and ends up sleeping with some boy and gets pregnant. And on top of that she don't know the boy...
  • teenfiction
  • lies
  • blacklove
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The House of Beautiful Lotus  by Jan-Jan2000
The House of Beautiful Lotus by Jean Janice
[Contain spoilers from 'The Cruel Prince'.] "So, what do you think?" I heard Jingam's voice as I glanced over my shoulder, finding him standing behind me. He r...
  • romance
  • darkfantasy
  • imperial
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The Mafias Broken Angel  by books_crybaby
The Mafias Broken Angel by books_crybaby
#146 in Romance 4/14/18 One night was a miracle come true turned into horror story real quick. Growing up Adeline was always the one to never ask questions and follow...
  • love
  • broken
  • mafia
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Alpha Aden  by ArielMcDonald
Alpha Aden by Ariel McDonald
"I want you" Aden said as he slowly stalked towards me observing me as if I was his prey. I stared at him with wide eyes. He was confident, sexy and exuded po...
  • drama
  • supernatural
  • kiss
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Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED) by Juette_Curtina
Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED)by JUJU
"A little stress release couldn't hurt anyone." With that thought in mind, Kaylyn Fisher decided to be a rebel for a night, break the rules a little and indul...
  • complete
  • love
  • pregnancy
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The Ex-wife  by BellaStevens930
The Ex-wife by Ruth Stevens
Highest rank so far on hot list : #24 in romance #9 in friendship "Get out", he shouted at me "get out now and never come back" I wiped at the tears...
  • love
  • cheating
  • drama
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Arranged by Force by maginary
Arranged by Forceby maginary
~-~-~-~-~-~- He moved back to my ear, whispering huskily, making shivers run down my body, "Can I kiss you Miss Delan?" His warm minty breath tickled my ear a...
  • sad
  • business
  • chicklit
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More Than Friends // Shawn Mendes by rosestoronto_
More Than Friends // Shawn Mendesby Mandy♡
What happens when two best friends realize they both have feelings for each other?
  • friendswithbenefits
  • arianagrande
  • love
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My Brother's Best Friend by Blossom_Peaches
My Brother's Best Friendby Jessica
Sophie's parents have shipped her off to a boarding school in Spain that can provide a better education for her. Now, after two years, her grades have improved and her p...
  • relationship
  • drama
  • love
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For My Eyes ONLY by waripad
For My Eyes ONLYby 🌻
"No," I whispered in pure disbelief, "You can't be Ashton, that can't be." My voice cracked making me weaker in his eyes. I stared at the man in fron...
  • brotherhood
  • fanfiction
  • teenfiction
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Beauty and the Bully. by Amara_Rose
Beauty and the Bully.by amara
"I thought you were my friend." I say my voice timid as he started kissing my neck. I shivered as his mouth latched onto the skin. He chuckled and brought his...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • bully
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Enemies with Benefits | ✓ by zuziestories_xo
Enemies with Benefits | ✓by zuzanna
"Consider us as friends-with-benefits, if it makes you feel better about the whole ordeal." I scoffed. "As if. If anything, we're enemies with benefits...
  • virginity
  • friendswithbenefits
  • enemies
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Souled Out of Love by kchronicals
Souled Out of Loveby kchronicals
Kaleehalani is a 26 year old woman fresh from college with a degree in Journalism. Using her degree, she runs an online blog called "To Be Chocolate Like Me" t...
  • fiction
  • hiddengems
  • urban
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Bound by Law by bvtterflyeffect
Bound by Lawby | l i z z i e |
Highest ranking: #9 Romance!!! (thanks so much to @MintJujube for always notifying me!) *** "Listen here," he roared, pushing me against the wall and placing...
  • spiritual
  • passion
  • indian
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The Girl Who Never Smiles | ✔️ by ImagineSass_15
The Girl Who Never Smiles | ✔️by ImagineSass
{COMPLETED!!!} "She's just a little too scared to get close because everyone who said they'd be there, left." -Anonymous Bay Stewart is the girl who never smi...
  • goldenboy
  • teendrama
  • teenfiction
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Forbidden Human Mate by ectopiic
Forbidden Human Mateby babyjay
It is said that only the special humans get werewolf mates. Human mates aren't usually frowned upon in most packs, but as for The Larken Moon pack it's forbidden to clai...
  • shortstory
  • teen
  • teenfiction
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Meant to be by asvpmirry
Meant to beby asvpmirry
A girl named anesia lives near a thug named Quincy. She's always had a crush on him but he's never really paid her no mind until one day. Quincy warms up to anesia and...
  • neworleans
  • mature
  • money
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CAN NOW BE FOUND ON THE APP, DREAME. LINK IN BIO Hayley is a widow and a single mom. When she meets James Rutherford he's only too quick to help her but later she realiz...
  • mature
  • story
  • love
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