Chapter 4 : Stalker much.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?! 

Chapter 4 : Stalker much.


What?! he said what?

Thinking about it I can use this in my advantage.

I smiled at them while I let go of Cory's hand, and turned to Damon, with a nice innocent smile, this is going to be good.

''Damon,'' I purred, ''Can I get dressed, now?'' I asked.

''Yeah sure'' he said confused, by my different tone to him.

''Yeah, that will be good, father will want to meet her soon'' Cory said.

Oh, haven't even been here an hour, and I've already gotten myself, a boyfriend, that is a prince, vampire, and I'm already going to meet the parents.

How dandy perfect. 



Scarlett's P.O.V.

''Ms. Brenue, would you be needing anything else?'' Trudy asked me.

''No, I think I'll live, thanks'' I told her with a genuine smile.

I sure can't believe she's a maid, she has this think french accent, and has a very petite cuteness, she looks at least fifteen or sixteen, I'll ask her later. I sure hope we become friends, It's kind of boring here, and I need a friend to talk girl stuff to.

She was fixing the closet with some clothes that she brought over, I had already picked out an out fit, but apparently Damon had another idea, and decided to pick something himself, he must be so proud of himself.

He picked out a tight micro leather pink skirt, and a very small blouse, that would definitely make me show off, too much cleavage.

That perv!

And you'd be thinking the 'undress' situation, was a one time thought.

I'd prefer that.

The world would be a better place, without him getting any 'bright' ideas.

''Trudy, did you get me what I asked for?'' I asked her, while a devilish smile spread on my face.

She just looked oddly at me, and nodded, ''Yes, Ms. Brenue, it's right there, on your bed'' she signaled to the bed, ''and I also got you the sowing kit, and the ribbons, you asked for.'' she said, before turning to the door.

A smile spread over my face, ''Thanks'' I told her, ''But call me Scarlett, I feel old, when you call me Ms. Brenue.''

''Um, sure?'' she nodded.

''Bye, Trudy!'' I chirped, with a toothy grin.

''Yes, Bye, M-Scarlett!'' she said in a clear pool of excitement.

''Okay, bye Trudy, going to head to the bathroom'' she gave me a confused look, ''the washroom'' and then she nodded after I used a more 'proper' word, okay?

[At The Bathroom]

I walked into the gorgeous bathroom, after roaming around for a while, I might of taken a 'left' when I had to take a 'right', so I still am utterly a shame in following directions, it wasn't as if it was something I could just perfect in a amazingly fast period of time.

Entering into the wonderfully gorgeous and very expensive looking bathroom, I felt like I should just throw my self off a cliff type of feeling, but not that I would do such a thing, it's stupid, well...if there's a bongie(Sp?)cord involved, then maybe a will, maybe.

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