Happy Pill by Sharneh
Happy Pillby Sharneh
A true story based on my life and Tal Fishman
  • happy
  • wut
  • sad
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When I found you by seeeeachxx
When I found youby seeeeachxx
Scarley Ryle Sanchez is a known bad boy in their campus as Rian Jade Alonzo came into his life, it was a perfect life of Ryle and he didn't expect that Rian would get al...
  • lovewins
  • happy
  • romance
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A Saturday before Armageddon  by QuillionCraydon
A Saturday before Armageddon by QuillionCraydon
A poem I wrote about the sixteen year old girl who used to be my wife.
  • sadness
  • happy
  • itscomplicated
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Severed Roots and other short stories and poems by CorvusAlbinus
Severed Roots and other short stor...by Raven
Things that I see, things that I hear, they're all experiences I've ever been near. This book will be under completed, but will still be updated at times.
  • happy
  • random
  • feelings
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The Story Of Me by BaDaBoomBa
The Story Of Meby BaDaBoomBa
The story of me is a side project I am working on, well not really working it's more of just a stress reliever I use and pretend that people actually care about auto-bio...
  • sad
  • author
  • depression
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A Boy Named Dion by potatopun
A Boy Named Dionby potatopun
This is a story about a life of a kid currently still in high school a story about a boy who's not sure what love is or how he feels about it. Secrets, Heartbreak, and R...
  • highschool
  • secrets
  • smile
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Sad Stories  by acciosunni
Sad Stories by Sunni T. 🖤💛
Sad short stories 😭😭😭! Please read and leave a comment, and/or vote!!
  • love
  • instagram
  • social
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Locked in Love  by x__lydia
Locked in Love by Lydia
I felt like writing something based on my own experiences, from pain to something beautiful, this is my story.
  • pain
  • dream
  • joy
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Glasses and a Helmet by xfood_loverx
Glasses and a Helmetby D.C
I drop to my knees as soon as I see the ball is released from Jessica's hand. It hits the top of the base and somehow the batter's shoe, bouncing off to a place I hadn't...
  • askforhelp
  • happy
  • blamegame
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Andrew Garfield Imagines by yelyahchamberlain
Andrew Garfield Imaginesby Hayley
Andrew Garfield// Peter Parker imagines :). Requests are open!! Request anyone pls Hayley
  • actor
  • good
  • sad
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The Legend of Zelda Oneshots! by SammyTapShoez
The Legend of Zelda Oneshots!by HoNk HoNk :0)
There is ONLY ONE RN SORRY DHDHSB I'll make more!! I promise! Give me time! And requests! But since I have writer's block now, if you request a character please try to p...
  • salesman
  • happy
  • zelda
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Hard Luck by AlexiaCrafted
Hard Luckby AlexiaCrafted
Greg is in a losing break.His best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has ditched him,and finding in middle school is proving to be a tough task.To change his fortunes, Greg deci...
  • hack
  • genre
  • badboy
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The duck that can't die by bettgj
The duck that can't dieby bettgj
A duck can't die
  • happy
  • sad
peach lemonade  by bubblesushi
peach lemonade by bubblesushi
A love story that started with a guy eating a peach and a girl drinking lemonade. But who knew that they were going to be a sweet combo?
  • happy
  • viaxlog
  • violetxlogan
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imagines by evarobinson02
imaginesby Eva
most of these are random imagines
  • imagines
  • romance
  • happy
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Just a normal Life by TheFanGirl5475
Just a normal Lifeby BloodLust69
This book is how I see my life and the events in this book are real so Thanks for reading this...
  • life
  • friends
  • sad-ish
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journal.  by yhoongay
journal. by dani
let's write some fucking letters.
  • life
  • bts
  • sad
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Colours by vivibivixxx
Coloursby vivibivixxx
Scrap pieces of my poems
  • poetry
  • expression
  • happy
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Huricane Tortilla▪Positivity by guysbeindudes
Huricane Tortilla▪Positivityby yᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ ʜᴏᴇ
cause some of y'all hoes wanna hurt feelings.
  • wow
  • compliments
  • appreciate
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She Forgot To Say Goodbye by Ilendraparmar
She Forgot To Say Goodbyeby Ilendra parmar
Story of Life...
  • heartbreak
  • teen
  • lovestory
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