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My Stories Synopsis:

Story: 'I kissed a boy, and I liked it. The taste of his lips enchant me.'/slash/

Synopsis: Brandon has gotten dragged up into a party, that will mostly change his life, is love being handed to him in a lovely silver panel? All is in trial, for what comes over, if Bryan can make him feel such things, possibility enlarges on their possible love, and happily ever after.

Story: Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

Synopsis: Eli's life has been turned into a whole loop sided effect, since the day of her dad's 'death', her abusive mother didn't make her early developing life any better, but when things twist up, and she changes from the worst to better, comes along Ryan, that only has best to hope, for his love to her, is greater than she thinks. Will she understand before it's too late?

Story: Kidnapped by a Vampire?!! And I'm the peace offering?!!

Synopsis: Scarlett, on a normal midnight breath out, gets kidnapped to a vampire, and then give as a peace offer to another, is it destiny for her to taken into this other world.

The answer is yes.

Will it be soon that the prophecy will come true, and the two kingdoms of the vampire world fight for the love of the one who beholds such great power to destroy yet create this world into peace or pure destruction.

Will it be her heart that makes both world stay at peace, or will it be just chaos and destruction, for both human and vampire worlds?

Luke or Damon?

Burnt Ashes. ✔️Read this story for FREE!