The La La Song

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laaaaaaaaa, laaaaa, laaaaaaaaa

just when you think you got bored

la la your world

just by humming a lil' song you like

don't matter if it's new

or a plain old song ya' like

forget about the world

'cause come on

it's not like your tied down forever

don't worry

just humm

a bit of laaa, laaa

in your life

turn into a la, la person

LOL, without a reason

act crazy

just be a la, la person


it's another la, la song

mines crazy so just be you


don't get it


just be you

not anybody else just youuuuuuuuu

Hey, let's join the la la world

I'm already in VIP section

wanna join me

just laaa, laaa

your world Hun

don't mind the noise

the yells and the screams

it's just you and me

everyone else too

let's all join the la la world

and sing along to this la la song

yeah it's another la la song

but Hey, it's mine

and yours

so let's all go crazy

to our la la song

don't matter if your young or old

it's for everyone to enjoy

no discussions no stress

let's all go to to our la la world

and be all la la

just plain cool

la la people

let's all join hands

sing along to our la la song

sing aaaaallllllonnnggg

tooooo ooooouuuurr laaaaaaaa

laaaaaaaa soooooonnnnngggg..........

llllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................

youuuuu and IIIII

beeeeee aaaaaaalllllllllll laaaaaaa, laaaaaaaaaa


You definitely can tell, I was joking on this song, I sounded like a snob when I made up the rhythm and stuff (it was on purpose)

I made every one laugh, good times, good times


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