Apartemen 2015 by Jatimayung
Apartemen 2015by YMS
Cerita ini menceritakan sebuah kisah percintaan dalam pertemuan di apartemen
  • indonesia
  • idol
  • sexualfantasy
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Just One Hug. by Crystal7016
Just One Crystal...💎
Just a hug. You're running away. Gets stuck in some trouble. A guy saves your life. Who also happens to be a really famous singer. Now, What if you hug him instead of...
  • runaway
  • night
  • teenfiction
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Harry Potter's Twin Sister by bookworm332000
Harry Potter's Twin Sisterby S.R. 🇨🇦
[COMPLETED] You've all heard the story of Harry James Potter, the boy-who-lived. But what if he had a twin? Melody Potter is the twin sister of Harry Potter, though apar...
  • melodypotter
  • harrypotterstwinsister
  • twinsister
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Oh, Piss Off! by TangieAngie
Oh, Piss Off!by Angie
"You can't tell me you don't have some type of hatred towards someone. Someone you want gone?" I thought about what she said and a face popped into my mind. Th...
  • return
  • wolf
  • wattys2017
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Melody's mate by Melizzz16
Melody's mateby Melissa🌹
Melody Prince is seventeen years old. She has abusive step parents. Her real parents died. Or so she thinks. She has never known what love feels like. Her only friend is...
  • noah
  • wattys2018
  • mates
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The Destiny Of Love (END) by RembulanWest27
The Destiny Of Love (END)by RembulanWest
Sekuel Cupid, I Love You WARNING 21 +++, bahasa kasar banyak umpatan-umpatan. Mohon kebijaksanaan dalam membaca (All part di Private, Follow baru baca) ...
  • romance
  • thedestinyoflove
  • generalfiction
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Her Memories✿Daniel x Reader by TrqshyKookie
Her Memories✿Daniel x Readerby Kookie
"Memories are important, your memories are practically a story of your life. Treasure them." "But how can I treasure the memories I've lost?" *Discla...
  • ein
  • dottie
  • danielxreader
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Gone // Corbyn Besson Ft. Ethan Dolan by sydney_besson_
Gone // Corbyn Besson Ft. Ethan Sydney Logan
Sequel to Saved... What will happen when Ashley and Corbyn get into another fight? How far will Corbyn go to please her? Will Corbyn want her anymore? Will she want Corb...
  • melody
  • forever
  • love
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The Alpha (Lesbian Story) by TheShake
The Alpha (Lesbian Story)by TheShake
Melody Harvard is the daughter of Alpha Harvard. She believes that her life is perfect with her dad as the Alpha her mother as Luna and her older brother soon returning...
  • xena
  • story
  • wolf
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Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story - by ReissRow
Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story -by Ross
Rain falls from the clouds and plummets down to the lands where it is then devoured by the earth. Rain is what helps the earth and its inhabitants thrive; but now, rain...
  • horror
  • zombie
  • rain
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Behind the Bad Boy by paperandpen444
Behind the Bad Boyby ~Samantha~
Melody Jane is a well known girl in high school, but she's not a popular. She's sweet and kind and everyone loves her and she loves everyone. Except for Mason Adams. Mas...
  • melody
  • melly
  • book
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My Fanboy by imvjane
My Fanboyby Janea
BTOB's Yook Sungjae is a number 6 fan of Red Velvet and he's bias is Park Soo Young or popularly known as Red Velvet Joy. He's only number 6 in the list of Red Velvet's...
  • hyunsik
  • peniel
  • ilhoon
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Hard Times! by ahalfwolf
Hard Times!by Ldy's
When you decide to Fall in Love, then you are ready to accept the biggest risk, that is Broken Heart. - M. Dyo. Djuhandar. Publish Every Thursday.
  • melids
  • vienny
  • jkt48
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Untold Story of Keenan by parameita10
Untold Story of Keenanby Mett
18++ Tentang cerita yang belum pernah diceritakan sebelumnya. Tidak banyak yang tahu, termasuk Veranda. Ya Veranda, perempuan yang aku cinta. Dia sama sekali tidak tah...
  • knal
  • vienny
  • adult
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The Sex School by lunalochley
The Sex Schoolby Luna
What if our entire life was made up of the one thing people crave more than anything. Sex. It's September the 25th of 3000. A year that we all thought would bring new...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • lesbian
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The Machiavellian by Jazzlived
The Machiavellianby Melody Valdepena
Lisa is a very popular model, and her father is a founder of authoritative that eliminates crimes in the country. Because of her father's job, Lisa's life is in danger...
  • jazzlived
  • bangpink
  • fanfiction
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Fate Be Change by imvjane
Fate Be Changeby Janea
A 22 year old college intern Yook Sungjae discovered a historical curse about Queen Park Soo Young 500 years ago. To his surprise he met a girl with the same face and na...
  • btob
  • redvelvetjoy
  • yooksungjae
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Kuromi & My Melody ✧ gfx shop  by pankunchi
Kuromi & My Melody ✧ gfx shop by 🍀
❝ they say that people who see the stars together tonight can be together forever ❞ [ open ] 「 texture creds silviabilia- sugarrush19 glsd546 william-br evey_v rave...
  • gfx
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  • gay
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Circus Girl by imvjane
Circus Girlby Janea
Joy was raised in a Circus together with her 3 sisters Irene, Wendy and Seulgi, but never did she expected that her life would be changed after meeting a Prince in one o...
  • sungjae
  • globalstar
  • redvelvet
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Unexpected Love (End) by RembulanWest27
Unexpected Love (End)by RembulanWest
Sekuel Cupid, I Love You Warning 21++ (Tersedia di Google Book) 5 tahun, akhirnya aku memutuskan kembali pulang ke tanah air. Negara yang penuh kenangan pahit yang ingin...
  • lie
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  • marriage
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