Chapter 1 : Stay inside.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?

A.N./ I know this needs some work and editing, but I'll do it as soon as I finsih my other stories, then i'll try to apply all my time and dedication to this baby. (: Okidokie? 


I felt like writing my own vampire story, so here it is, I would have posted it yesterday, but I ' had' to go to bed in that instant, you know parents. Tell me what you think about it by commenting, vote, also.


Chapter 1: Stay inside.

I sat beside the sassafras, as I admired the beautiful scenery of the days twilight setting. It might be one of the most cheesy things I've done lately, but I always liked being here when it was late and I was alone. It soodes me.

I had just gotten so sick of being inside watching samurai movies all day long, that I decided to go outside. So, here I was, outside. Alone.

I think I haven't introduced myself yet, am I right? I think yes.

Well, let's start with basics, My name is Scarlett Jamie Truman; nice name? I know, I just don't like the Jaime, so not me, but whatever. I'm 17 years old, and I'm now in collage, I graduated early, with full honors. You can say that I'm pretty darn smart, I'll admit that.

Unfortunately, I'm an only child, I don't feel that bad, but sometimes I would want an older brother or sister, but I try my best and not need any type of that feeling.

Also, I have no parents, they died in a tragic accident when I was only 12, since then I've always had my nose in a book just to get away from crying. That's right, I didn't cry, not one tear, but only tearless sobs. Crying won't bring them back, or would it?

I felt the safety that a warm breeze gave me.

But I was way too naive to know that being alone outside wasn't a good idea.

I felt myself shiver, as a felt something cold beside me.

I didn't think twice, but had the urge to panic. By which I did, none in less.

I remembered stories my mom would tell me of midnight creatures that would roam for there pray at the verge of midnight all alone.

That just made me think, that I might as well be have a rubric on my forehead saying 'Come and get me!'.

I must look like perfect for my predator.

I tried to flee, but couldn't move, for the fact that something or someone had pinned me to the sassafras, in the blink of an eye.

'How did I get like this' I thought, that was fast.

I let out a high pitch scream, but was cut out as this 'thing' put its hand over my mouth, incapacitating me from screaming for help.

I bit it's hand, but it didn't let go. I felt frightened as I thought that maybe this was some type of rapist, and felt even more scared at the thought of being raped.

How terrifying. I shook my head, to buzz of the horrible thought. I struggled, and moved as much as I could to maybe wriggle out of its tight grasp on me.

I then regretting coming out, right when my roommate decided to go out with some of her friends.

''Stay still'' said a deep voice, as I stopped struggling, I didn't want to make things worse.

Before I could blink I felt lots of cool breeze hitting my face and whole being, as I felt like I was flying.

I opened my eyes fully and saw the scarcity of the city lights that I'd normally see.

I felt a sudden stop, I looked around and didn't recognize any of my new surroundings.

''Where am I?'' I asked up high, confused.

''In my world'' it said in a stern voice.

My world? Weren't we in planet earth just a second ago, and were am I, what world is this?

How am I going to run away now?

''Don't even think about it'' it said menacingly.

What? Did I think out loud?

''No, I just read your mind'' it said as if that would explain everything.

''What are you?'' I asked, not wanting to know the answer at the same time.

''Skin as white as the snow, sanguinary lover if your unsure, beware of me at night, or your wish you did with all your might.'' it said its answer in a riddle.

Oh My God, that riddle just yelled ''I'm a vampire!'' to me.

''Vampire?'' I said stuttering in fear of the truth.

I then looked to my right side, and saw a white figure, what is that?

'Another vampire probably' said my inner voice as a matter-of-factly.

What? I have enough trouble with one.

''Kneel'' it said with a growl.

What?! I'm not kneeling to a 'vampire'. I feel so sacrilegious.

He then growled again, and did as I was told, in a sloppy way that is. I wasn't going to obey that simply.

So I sat Indian style, and kept looking up, at were the sky should be.

I only saw darkness, and a red moon, weird? A lot.

He growled again, disapproving my action.

So I did a sacrifice and laid on my knees, I didn't want to be sucked dry.

That's a risk that I am not willing to take, not in a million years.

''Prince Damon, here's your gift, as a peace offering, she's a human, you can tell by her sweat sent'' it said in a nicer way, to this other vampire, who appears to be the 'prince' of this 'world'.

I'm going to keep calling it and 'it', because that's as nice as I can get, referring to 'that'.

What?! I'm a peace offering, I don't have a say in this?!!

''No!'' it said in a low voice to me, with a little growl included, could it stop with the mind reading already, it's so annoying, they're my thoughts, and that's how they should stay 'mine'.

'I think I would rather be hit by a satellite, than to be here, being some sort of 'peace offering'' I thought as I wished I would've stayed inside and watched more samurai movies with my pet hamster.


To be Continued?


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