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Purr, Kitten [PUBLISHED - Sample Only] by krstljrk
Purr, Kitten [PUBLISHED - Sample Crystal Queen❄
[Cover credit: Malot Aznar] "You need to learn to notice when a door is closed. If the door is open, you go through it, and if it's not, you need to see if you can...
  • luck
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  • possesivemate
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Bad Luck  by MajesticBunnie
Bad Luck by Bunnie
Reverse Harem *** Wishing for luck from unlucky things. That's still okay. Wishing for fuck luck from Luck himself. That's not okay anymore. Faith can only put her fait...
  • magic
  • polyamory
  • harem
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Asta X Reader: I Like Flowers Too by zombielover8469
Asta X Reader: I Like Flowers Tooby zombielover8469
She had a list of orders and commands longer than she had a list of dreams. "Royal or not. You are nothing but a little puppet being controlled by society," A...
  • yami
  • various
  • xreader
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Forced Marriage [Completed] by celestialxcross
Forced Marriage [Completed]by celestialxcross
Destiny Pitch is the most unlucky girl one will ever know. Her mother died when she was a baby, she was raised by her foolish father who gets drunk most of the time. Th...
  • son
  • luck
  • romance
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The New Girl. by Moluccan_girl
The New Destiny
[BOOK THREE OF THE BAD BOY SERIES] After Winter's twin sister died, her life took a huge turn. Her parents decided that it would be the best if they moved away. So they...
  • fiction
  • fights
  • romance
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||Falling From The Sky||Black Clover x Reader|| by Melodichii
||Falling From The Sky||Black Selina
(Y/n), Yuno and Asta aim to become the Magic Emperor, but in this world magic means everything. (Y/n) learns the true meaning that peasants are weak and that the powerfu...
  • nozel
  • yami
  • luck
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WORK HAS BEEN DELETED; Just My Luck by Ninaa_xo
WORK HAS BEEN DELETED; Just My Luckby Shayy ❤️
There once lives a girl called Alexis, she had the most unfortunate luck anyone could of ever been given. Meet Alexis, she is an average 17-year old teenage girl who has...
  • jinxed
  • surpise
  • love
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The Writings of a Certain Bell. by BellaFabrizio
The Writings of a Certain Bells
Just random things I find, this may act as a journal, for quotes, for rants, for anything I need it to be at the moment. Updated as needed for myself or others.
  • quotes
  • doctor-who
  • luck
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Lucky Scarf by mangapanda7
Lucky Scarfby mangapanda7
How old do you have to be to be a hero? And sometimes, is it the small gifts that matter the most?
  • homeless
  • luck
  • child
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Feng Shui Mandarin Valentine Ducks for Love & Relationship by divyamantramail
Feng Shui Mandarin Valentine divyamantramail
In Feng Shui, Mandarin Duck is one of the symbols for Love and Romance. Always put the mandarin ducks as a pair as they symbolize togetherness. Divyamantra presents a be...
  • charm
  • good
  • luck
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Serendipity Edited by Megan_Lea
Serendipity Editedby Megan Lea
I was a 'happy accident' that's why my name is Serendipity. Because I was never supposed to happen. I was an accident. My parents tried to take away the sting by calling...
  • lol
  • fiction
  • accident
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Happy New Year 2015 by MelinaPi2
Happy New Year 2015by Melina Pi
  • happiness
  • luck
  • happy
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Lost (Shawn Mendes Fanfic) by XimenaMS04
Lost (Shawn Mendes Fanfic)by XimenaMS04
Ariana, a talented and beautiful teenager moves out of her house with her best friend Noah and everything goes as planned...except bumping into her idol Shawn Mendes, wi...
  • fanfiction
  • luck
  • handwritten
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The Princess [ A Harry Styles FanFiction ] by Almighty_1D
The Princess [ A Harry Styles Almighty_1D
Carter Annesley; the last princess of the Kingdom of Hungary ; you'll meet her, she's very pretty even though sometime she is sad for many days at a time, you'll see whe...
  • barbarapalvin
  • fate
  • love
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The Educated Survivors by wordygirly123
The Educated Survivorsby wordygirly123
A select group of students come back from a field trip to find their school and classmates in a state of death and chaos. Their worlds are turned upside down as they are...
  • zombieoutbreak
  • hope
  • zombieapocalypse
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Story by awesome1autumn
Storyby Autumn
Just read
  • sadstory
  • sadness
  • luck
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The Message that Lead to our Heart by Just_the_two_of_us
The Message that Lead to our Heartby Just_the_two_of_us
This is about how one day changed a girls life forever. (The story is better trust me)
  • happiness
  • heart
  • leprechaun
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One Death, One Wonder by Karathekangaroo
One Death, One Wonderby British Kara
Annie Destiny. At the age of 7 years old, has experienced something incredibly terrible and inhumane. A few years later, on the exact same day, she gets very lucky, but...
  • adventure
  • annie
  • luck
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Sweat And Blood  by videogames_rule3
Sweat And Blood by Zamakeia
We used to have everything. Food. Clean water. Shelter. Friends. Family. And now, because of one idiot messing around with a newfound virus, all of that it GONE. Who wo...
  • badass
  • independent
  • alone
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