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Aizawa x Reader (First Person POV/Lemon&Fluff) (Postponed March 23rd 2019) by NellaJaySteel
Aizawa x Reader (First Person POV...by Kathryn/Skylar
>There's many different scenarios here. >No bullshitting around scenes >True lemon/smut >Some things are EXPLICIT af ⚠️Warnings⚠️ •Rape - (Explicit R) •Bonda...
  • mha
  • shouta
  • smutwarning
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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Wat...by Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
  • vowss
  • hug
  • head
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Babysitter  ☞ 19 Days/He Tian X Mo Guan Shan by nicotinecv
Babysitter ☞ 19 Days/He Tian X Mo...by 3 am
He tian, Jian Yi and Zhang xixi's parents decided to go into a two week vacation without them and hired a babysitter to look after the three trouble makers. And that bab...
  • yaoi
  • boy
  • tian
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Destined  by Daniileeann19
Destined by Danii LeeAnn
🖤 Ranked #1 in Bug~ January 30th🖤 💜 Ranked #1 in Head~ February 6th💜 💛 Ranked #1 in Betty~ February 28th💛 💚 Ranked #1 in Head (again)~ April 4th💚 ✅ COMPLETED✅...
  • head
  • completed
  • southsideserpents
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Head Over Heels:The Missing Pieces: Believe In Me: Justin Bieber Love Story by LostxInxStereo
Head Over Heels:The Missing Pieces...by LostxInxStereo
She was all I ever wanted, and now I had her, she was mine, and at this point, no one could take her from me I just miss her, ya know? I thought touring would have bee...
  • gomez
  • selena
  • mccain
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Accidents Happen by smilingmyfaceoff
Accidents Happenby Kylie
Fiona isn't a trusting person, so when she's raped, who can she tell? And what happens when she forms an unlikely friendship with the rapist's unknowing brother, Gavin?
  • school
  • kids
  • love
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Hetalia Sad Headcannons  by namedafteratree
Hetalia Sad Headcannons by Bye
Umm yeah..so basically this is my first head cannon book and......enjoy I guess...
  • basicallyallthecountriesbecauseimtoolazytolistallofthem
  • countries
  • america
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writing prompts by jeonchild
writing promptsby merida
prompts/ideas for you writers out there who might need a little bit of a fresh idea or something to practice with. these aren't mine so claiming them as your own might b...
  • head
  • mind
  • books
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Greyscale by MoonshineNoire
Greyscaleby MoonshineNoire
Poetry to be taken with bitter coffee and read with icy toes. All the best things in life fall on a colourful spectrum of grey. Previously titled Not Right. (Cover: Nega...
  • peace
  • life
  • voices
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Flight 21 by shainamason
Flight 21by Shaina Mason
Avery Quinton is a rebel. So when she gets expelled from her fourth boarding school her parents decide it's time to fly her home. Trent Ashton isn't normal. He's rude, c...
  • good
  • heartless
  • kill
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Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. (Sequel To A Nerds Romance) by shelbsters15
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. (Seque...by Shelby :)
Sophie Green, used to be a nerd. Until Zack Daniel changed her life with one little bet. Zack Daniel didn't mean to make a bet, but thanks to his friends, Ian, Mike, and...
  • job
  • cemetery
  • mission
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Slashers X Reader Oneshots by DevilTownSalt
Slashers X Reader Oneshotsby Salt Side Devil
It's one shots with our favorite slasher bois! Join the party!
  • freddy
  • xreader
  • oneshots
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DanganRonpa Headcanons by -FluffyFloofy-
DanganRonpa Headcanonsby Basic White Bitch 🐀
I thought it was time I made one of these! I've had a bunch of these floating around in my head lately, so I figured I would write them down for you all. So sit back, re...
  • danganronpa
  • dangan
  • head
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Enchanted ~ A Hermione x Draco fanfic by MamaWantsClifford
Enchanted ~ A Hermione x Draco fan...by MamaWantsClifford
Mudblood. Draco Malfoy is all too familiar with the word. It slips off his tongue easily and he's never once regretted it. Until his fifth year at Hogwarts. Draco starts...
  • head
  • voldemort
  • slytherin
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KOTLC Random Fun Stuff!!! by KeeperSquadWrites
KOTLC Random Fun Stuff!!!by 《 The Keeper Squad 》
(Highest ranking #32) This is a crazy book of all my fangirl googleing sprees of, head cannons, fan art, memes, and random stuff, So yeah go have fun! DISCLAIMER: I don'...
  • randomstuff
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • fanart
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No Heroes Allowed (student/teacher) by whenyouseemyfriends
No Heroes Allowed (student/teacher)by whenyouseemyfriends
What happens when FBI agent Alex Johnson goes undercover? At a high-school? What will happen when she sets her eyes on her physics teacher? All while trying to catch the...
  • suspect
  • fbi
  • epilogue
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Harry Potter- After the War [COMPLETED] by harrygin1
Harry Potter- After the War [COMPL...by harrygin1
What will happen after the defeat of voldemort?
  • ronweasley
  • hermionegranger
  • hinny
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Buried Secrets (Robin/Young Justice) by nightflystars
Buried Secrets (Robin/Young Justic...by NightsApprentice
Young Justice/Robin During a mission, Robin is sent into a coma, leaving no clues on how long he will sleep. The team, including the Leaguers: Batman, Black Canary, Gree...
  • martianmanhunter
  • youngjustice
  • blackcanary
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{angie is forcing me to make this. she has a gun to my head} by -praise_atua-
{angie is forcing me to make this...by ☆_Angie_☆
Please help. She has a gun to my he- "Ahem, Yah hah! These are just some pictures Ad-, I mean Atua found for me"
  • pictures
  • danganronpa
  • atua
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Paper Thin by AstroloBeast
Paper Thinby YavnaRYT
"Meet secretive, spontaneous, schizophrenic Selah Mandela - An eleven-year-old girl who goes to school does her homework, and writes stories, just like you and me. ...
  • geekgirl
  • school
  • condition
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