[oo1] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....


Yup. I know I said I was going to write this since....Well since the beginning of November, but I was really busy, and I get distracted a lot, so I finished writing a little bit of it until now.


New story, just a tiny part of it, want to see if it's in any interest to you all.



I look back, at the lovely scenario that my life was, and should still be. Too bad that's all gone now.

''Come here, you!'' yelled my mother from downstairs.

''What do you want?!'' I yelled back.

''Come here right NOW!'' she hissed.

I took off my headphones, which I had on, faking that I was listening to 'something', while actually listening to my thoughts.

Wishing, that somehow, magically, I'd be out of this dump, and in to a new life, better, a new me. But still with my awesome complexions, that is.

I took a last look at my room and got off my bed.

I went as told, I knew better, don't want her mad like the last time.

''Elizabeth!! Get your ass down right this instant!'' hissed/yelled my mom as I was by the stairs.

Ugh! I hate it when she calls me on with my full name. It's so Queen Elizabeth-ish, so not me. I go by Eli, you heard that, got it, memorize it, don't loose it.

Abusive mother, that's not much of a new story. Well, better than an abusive dad, that might as well taken my V card ages ago.

''What?'' I asked trying to sound as relaxed as possible.


''Don't you what me!''

''Now go and say hello to your fiance, he's waiting...'' she said oh so evilly.

''What!?! who?, hm.. waiting!!'' I yelled at the tip of my lungs.

OK, this is definitely the worst thing she could have done to me. She's beaten me, almost half to death before, taken away everything I could possibly love, and made me be some sort of house maid slave for her.

This is maybe jut a dream, I'm just sleeping, and fell asleep at the part where the parents tell her daughter that she's in an arranged wedding, yup! That's definitely it.

''Hello Ryan, this is Elizabeth. Your soon to be wife.'' my 'mother' told this guy, very sweetly if I may add. She's never used that tone on me, not since ...my dad died.

''It's Eli, and hi, stranger'' I said coldly.

''Feisty, nice. And it's Ryan, not stranger.'' he said very cockily.

What?!? And he's a prep, you sure know how to pick 'em mom!

Little miss. emo, abused, sad, depressed, Hot Topic shopper girl, with mr. preppy pants, Hollister loving, popular, jerk head, jock.

Oh, this is so not what I wished for.

To be Continued?

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