[o10] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say hello to the Sunshine, and be welcomed to MY life...


I'm a fighter not a whiner!

Recap: Ryan gets El some water, and then she waits for him....Thinking about Ryan's butt, attracted.


Eli's P.O.V.

Ryan quickly jogged back to me, with my water in one hand, and a purple Gatorade for himself, "Here you go'', he said as he handed me the water bottle, and plopped next to me, "thanks", I replied with a smile, as I chugged myself with the water, almost choking.


I am thirsty, and I have a right to act non-coherently or something like that.

Ryan chuckled besides me, mocking my almost 'death experience', now who would want to die chocked? Well you see ladies and gentlemen NOBODY!

I slapped him playfully, "Leave me alone, Ryan!'' I laughed, "Why would I, it's fu to be around you" he said, making me thrown a little blush on the field.

This is how the games going between us:

Scores on the hot and awesomeness game:

Eli: 14

Ryan: 10, 396

And I got the 14 for my awesome outfit, and he's just so perfect, maybe a little too good for me..

I sighed; this is so much to take in!

"What's wrong, Eli?" Ryan asks calmly, with a hint of worry, he rubbed me back slightly as he asked me.

Okay, awkward.

"See ya'!" I said as I got up, and saluted him military way, and headed to the showers to get cleaned up. Very quickly, if I may add.

Kind of mean, but I just did do that, and now there is not much I can do.

''Yeah, see you!" I heard Ryan from far off.

Some how, I could feel daggers being thrown to the back of my head, someone's mad.........I have a bad feeling about this..

Ryan's P.O.V.

"Yeah, see you!" I said, as she promptly got up and headed to get cleaned, 'God, I wanted her to stay with me, but oh, well, school for now...' I thought, as I too, got up and headed to get cleaned, in the boys locker room.

I'm feeling as though there is something bad to happen, 'I shrugged it off, and walked away.'

Eli's P.O.V.

"Well hello, Lucille, came for some more?" I asked menacingly, but she didn't back down, not once, nor did she blink or sweat in fear, 'Well, she's definitely looking for a nice broken something, seeing as I did a wonderful job on her nose.' I though, as I gave a small laugh, gained a weird look from Bitchecille.

See what I just did there, word game just like how she plays with me, I'll play with her.

Hmm...what's that I smell?


I took some strong steps towards her, making myself look as though I was toughest girl in the world, and that she shouldn't mess with me, which is bluntly the fool on truth.

"Back off! You idiot!" she spat; this just got me to laugh a little more.

"Ha-ha, not gonna be so funny after we teach you a lesson." She said with a maniacal smile, and two jock looking guys coming from behind her.

Okay, now I'm kind of scared, they are so BIG.

I gulped hard in fear, not for me but for all the energy I'd have to waste on does asteroid filled guys, and that dumb Barbie doll.

''Bring it'' I said, giving the 'come on' hand movement you always see in those karate movies.

Jackie Chan powers ON!!!

To be Continued...

Well, sorry it's oh so short, but I did say I'm on a tight schedule, sorry, hope you all liked it. :)

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