Double love, Double the trouble. [Blurb]

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'·.Double love, Double the trouble.·'¿¿Who do I keep?? Help!!


Name: Macaila Row
Age: 16<--or 17?
Orientation: Straight

Name: Chris Dawn
Age:16<--or 17?
Orientation: Gay (for now :)

Name: Shean Dawn
Age:16<--or 17?
Orientation: Straight

Macaila just moved in to California, and she's not that used to it, she's very upfront, way different than what she was taught, which is what makes her mother wonder at times. So she moves into this lovely neighborhood, where her mother will start off working as a nurse, on the James Cree Hospital (I just made that up, if you have a hospital name from Cali, please do tell me).

Being an only child is one of her many side happy thoughts, and having an absence of her mother makes er be the 'confused' teen at time.

She meets her neighbor, after he comes to her home to 'Welcome' her family to the neighborhood, with some oatmeal cookies that his mother sent for them. She had this instant clicking feeling with him and so did he. They later on, or really quickly became friends, by then she knew his sexual preference, and gave up hopes on lever 'dating' him, 'cause she kinda liked him since the first day.

She meets his twin brother under a embarrassing moment, her some how running into him at school, telling her usual private stuff, like she'd tell Chris, normally, but it wasn't Chris it was Shean (she was having an odd day, 'cause seriously they look like nothing alike.); only thing she didn't know, and the way to difference them was the side they wore their hair, and their dressing code, and that they looked completely different if you payed attention, but did she? No.

She just didn't know that he had a brother, big chaos comes when you fall in love with brothers, especially twin brothers (Not identical twin brothers-fraternal), how will she truly know who she completely loves in the end?

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