Chapter 9 : A Morning Kiss.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?!

Chapter 9 : A Morning Kiss.

Recap: In entered his royal highness, the prince, to look over his new prized possession, "You are just too beautiful to be a human" he spoke as he looked over her, "you will come with me" he said as he picked her up, "I still can't believe you fell asleep so early, and missed dinner, such a shame, it was going to be so much fun, especially for the outfit you picked, it would have been just splendid." He said as he vanished to another room, with a still unconscious Scarlett, to his bedroom.


I woke up, as I felt a ray of sunshine poking at my face, I'd been trying to get up for a while now, but I feel constricted by something holding me down, moving that out off of my interest, I realized that I felt great, awesome, better yet perfect, I should definitely get kissed more often, that was like the best beauty sleep ever, it must be awesome to get kissed by a smoking hot vampire, but I did kind of felt used, but oh well, at least I didn't die of it or something.

I tried to move around but I still couldn't, something was constricting my movement, and it was making me feel more and more frustrated as I tried to move, I fought with my eyes so they could open, but they just wouldn't buzz, I felt something or someone's heat besides me, 'Okay this is spooky, what is happening?' I thought slightly afraid of what could be happening, 'What if it's a pervert, and wants to...You know what, rape me' I thought even more frightened.

I finally could open my eyes, and I was just staring at the ceiling of my room - wait a minute, this isn't my room, it was the complete opposite, it had some posters of some rock bands, it had dark blue and gray walls, and the ceiling markings had this golden pattern encrusted at the edges of the beginning ends of the other sides of the wall, 'What am I doing here?' I thought, but most importantly I was questioning how did I get here, and where is 'here' exactly'?

I suddenly saw someone's face come near mines, just inches away from my lips, 'what the?' I thought, as quick as the thought, came a surprise kiss.


"What are you doing?" I asked him shocked.

While I was here on a strangers bed, wondering how I got there to begin with, I felt someone gently place their lips over mines, who wouldn't be shocked, especially when you didn't get the reasons of why?

"Giving you a morning kiss" he answered like 'duh'; even half asleep he's annoying.

"Psh, yeah, I mean - how did I get here!?" I demanded.

"I brought you here" he answered calmly; I don't know why, but I don't believe that.

"Why?" I asked feeling curious for what was the 'real' reason for him o bring me here, in his room?

"I was bored, and.. - want to explore the castle?" he suddenly asked.

"Are you changing subjects?" I pondered, giving him a sly smile.

"No" I answered hectically.

"Are you sure?" I asked slowly.

"Yes, now, do you want to tour the castle, yes or no" he asked irritated a little.

Wow, is he a bit bipolar or what, I was just asking, it's not so hard to answer a simple question if you ask me.

"Hmm..I don't know...I do have an awful lot to do" I said slightly playfully.

"When you free then?" he asked playing along, as a smile crept up his gorgeous features, I wanted to let out a sigh, but that would mean giving him a nice laugh.

"Oh, gee, I don't know, I'll have to check my schedule" I answered, as I pretended to open a schedule pad.

" 12 free?" he asked holding down a laugh.

"Wait, let me see..." I said as I 'looked' if I was free.

"So you free or not?" he asked.

"Yup, but it's got to be quick, I've got other important things to do later on" I said smoothly.

"Like what?" he asked curiously.

"Important stuff, very important stuff..." I answered mischievously.

He gave me a confused look, and then stared at something on me, with a smirk, I looked at his direction and - Oh my god, I'm naked!

To be Continued...

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