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My Little Puppy (Fell!Sans x Wolf!Reader) by Time_Shadow
My Little Puppy (Fell!Sans x Wolf...by Time Shadow
(Y/N) is a human. She had lived her whole life as Sans and Papyrus's pet, which was even more appropriate considering that Alphys had done a few experiments on her givin...
  • pacifist
  • papyrus
  • toriel
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Lost ( sans x fell ) by lord_of_TemmieFlakes
Lost ( sans x fell )by lord_of_TemmieFlakes
Sans is depressed. Fell as a feeling that some things wrong. Will fell find out? Or will sans turn into dust first? - suicidal thoughts-(cringey first writer) ALL COPYRI...
  • út
  • fanfic
  • shipping
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Human fell poth sin by silveathedevil
Human fell poth sinby meh
yay a fell poth I might do a normal poth sin but I'll see
  • sin
  • human
  • poth
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AU Gaster's x Reader by SamoanaGirl101
AU Gaster's x Readerby Ruler of the Sea
Just a bit of the Gaster AU's that has ONESHOTS and......LEMONS. Kill me now.
  • swap
  • lemons
  • blindy
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Kustard (Classic sans x Fell sans and maybe lemon) by KayorGal
Kustard (Classic sans x Fell sans...by Kay n Gal
Ok yes this is my first book on here, I can write, so don't worry! I'm good, not awesome at writing I'm not like my sister.. Anyways enjoy, if there is lemon, I'm sorry
  • sancest
  • undertale
  • classic
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Ask/Dare the AU sanses by Easee_Cheesee
Ask/Dare the AU sansesby Memelord69
This updates frequently (every time there is an ask/dare) Available for ask: Blueberry (Underswap) Fresh (Underfresh) Error (Errortale) Ink (Inktale) Nightmare (Dreamtal...
  • underfell
  • nightmare
  • dare
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~Undertale Tickle Shorts~ by punmastr_7
~Undertale Tickle Shorts~by Depresso mode
|Story Requests: Closed. |~Cover created by @didibelieber3013~| |Highest Ranking: #768 in Fanfiction| A book filled with adorable and clever short stories, including...
  • undyne
  • alphys
  • fell
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Ask/Dare AU Gasters pt3! by SamoanaGirl101
Ask/Dare AU Gasters pt3!by Ruler of the Sea
Guess who's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK?!?! Yeah, come over here and ask or dare these skeletons!
  • swapfell
  • askbook
  • gaster
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Paw prints by kkskatnip
Paw printsby Katie Steiner
Conner is being challenged as Alpha Fell has her old life ripped away from her and is forced to be an animal There is a crazed wolf on the loose not only changing peo...
  • paw
  • girlboy
  • happy
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Ask/Dare The AU Sans Undertale (Completed) by LeMagicPenguin
Ask/Dare The AU Sans Undertale (Co...by LeMagicPenguin
Highest rank: #49 in Ask (how???) and #9 in askanddare (ok w h a t) Literally what the title said *WARNING* Slow update please be patient You can also send my storylines...
  • dare
  • fell
  • ships
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Not Just Evil (Underfell Papyrus X Reader) by TheIndianaCrew
Not Just Evil (Underfell Papyrus X...by Indiana
Underfell Papyrus is viewed as one of the most ruthless monsters in the underground but what is really under that tough persona? Thanks to Tamqul on Deviantart for letti...
  • underfell
  • pacifist
  • love
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I fell into Harry Potter by tom_felton_lover
I fell into Harry Potterby Midori
A fangirl gets thrown into the Harry Potter and has to deal with knowing what will happen in the future and figuring out how to tell people.......... well this will be f...
  • funny
  • severus
  • dirty
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My Little Bitty by cristlegirl
My Little Bittyby cristlegirl
Uhh... description, huh? You baisicly get every at bitty in a box. Book of fluffy cuddly feelings. Adorable bittys. And concentrated awesomeness.
  • undertale
  • kinky
  • sansxreader
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Me,you and maybe the star (Rewritten) by SendHelp_OwO
Me,you and maybe the star (Rewritt...by 。.:*☆ Falling ☆*:.。
When u meet alternative versions of yourself, and you think they are attractive. But hell no will the fate leave you alone with your shitty romance instead they send you...
  • red
  • âu
  • classic
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Ask/Dare Undertale AU's by FriendlyCurse223
Ask/Dare Undertale AU'sby FriendlyCurse223
You can ask me and the alternate Sanses pretty much anything. I can add a few ships as well. (This is NOT a roleplay.)
  • geno
  • fell
  • raspberry
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Undertale AU sin by UL_Lust
Undertale AU sinby Lust
  • lust
  • etc
  • swap
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Memories from the Multiverse by JessiWolfHowl
Memories from the Multiverseby Hibernation.
Special chapter one-shots by me, whether it be a holiday, birthday, etc. No exact description I think that would fit, sorry. '^^ No requests. I only take special chapter...
  • sci
  • nightmare
  • dust
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A Story of Many Became a Story of One (Sanscest) by Irena456draws
A Story of Many Became a Story of...by Alisa Vang
This is basically just gonna be me making the Sanses in Monarchy Love and place them into a situation where they fall in love. In a way I guess you can say this is sort...
  • dust
  • sanscest
  • sans
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Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 2 by FriendlyCurse223
Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 2by FriendlyCurse223
We're back with book two! We can't believe we've made it this far! Just like in the last book, you can ask and/or dare the Sanses and me. We hope yo enjoy! (This is NOT...
  • nightmare
  • raspberry
  • ink
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"I'm sorry"  (US!Sans x UF!Sans) by drkwnfool
"I'm sorry" (US!Sans x UF!Sans)by Xinchi
Description? I don't know honestly
  • fell
  • underfell
  • underswap
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