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Everybody Loves Me by mintcaroctober
Everybody Loves Meby mintcaroctober
Ryan was a fun,smart,charming and very handsome man not to mention he was the wealthiest bachelor in Colorado State. He had divorced two years ago and had been left with...
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Like Nobody Else by NoRagretz
Like Nobody Elseby NoRagretz
Hannah goes to Warped Tour with her best friend, but ends up on her favorite band's tour bus due to the weather. What will happen then? Story idea inspired by my mom.
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The Forever Feelings by FanFics4Ever_
The Forever Feelingsby FictionFun
This story is about a young girl named Riley, and a young boy named Ryan. Riley and Ryan don't start out the same.. They don't even know each other. But they both are Ch...
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Skater love by na_taly57
Skater loveby Natalia ❤️
Natalie is daughter of Ryan Sheckler She lived with her mom in Chicago but when her mom dies everything changes when she moves to L.A with her dad
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royal ( RYDEN STORY ) by thisistherealkay
royal ( RYDEN STORY )by thisistherealkay
RYDEN ONE SHOT! from royal family.. he met him in a ballroom.. *Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross*
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Love And Other Drugs (LEGAL Student/Teacher!) by EveryCloudHasOne
Love And Other Drugs (LEGAL Studen...by EveryCloudHasOne
Officer Alexandra Hart didn't plan on falling in love. But when forced to work undercover as a high school student, what will she do when the man she loves is her 'teach...
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Unexpected Meetings (Motionless In White FanFic)(ON HOLD) by OnTheBrightside97
Unexpected Meetings (Motionless In...by Opal
Danae Sky runs is just a normal girl. With normal band crushes. When she runs into her favorite member of her favorite band she starts to notice something different abou...
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Siren by soniainos19
Sirenby sonia amelia collins
Jasper Mccolins remembers his childhood stories about a mermaid named Serena, when mystery disappearance happen more bodies are washed ashore grinning from ear to ear A...
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Fame is Like Family (A Justin Bieber Love? Story) by JodieBanks
Fame is Like Family (A Justin Bieb...by Jodie Banks
What would it be like to have your brother be best friend with Justin Bieber? Well, this is Madison Butler's everyday life. In this story her brother forces her on world...
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What I Really Want To Say by writingismybadhabit
What I Really Want To Sayby Megan
Megan Jennings is just your average girl. Just finishing High School, shes on the verge of her singing career, and lives the perfect life. That's not what she thinks tho...
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My Brother's Best Friend // Jelena ♡ by riseofthestars
My Brother's Best Friend // Jelena...by Grace
Selena Gomez is Ryan Butler's step sister. Ryan is best friends with the famous Justin Bieber since he was small. But Selena has had a major crush on Justin since long b...
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A Yogs Apprentice SHORT STORIES by ScottishOwl
A Yogs Apprentice SHORT STORIESby Kate
As I couldn't think of a sequel for my book A Yogs Apprentice this is a short story book all about the Yogscast and the next gen of Yogs. Join Taylor, The Mini Hats and...
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You Can't Spell Malice Without Alice by BloodDollRaven
You Can't Spell Malice Without Ali...by Luna, Raven,Alice, Ana or Alo...
WARNING CONTAINS MINOR INCEST AND CURSING! My name is Alice. I have four older brother. I have three cursed alters. I need one-hundred sacrifices. I am immortal. I am a...
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Been A Bad Boy - Chatting Desires, a Ryan Guzman Fanfic by PascalDubois
Been A Bad Boy - Chatting Desires...by PascalDubois
When young Peter finds a new chatting room on his favorite website, he wants to explore a whole new world and he expects to find love. When he finds Ryan Guzman, actor...
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There She Goes by CaitlinCassie
There She Goesby Cassie n' Caitlin
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Innocence by missbehaves98
Innocenceby Bhairavi Venkatesan
I'm Bonnie. I used to be called something else before. But that was in my past life. I'm here to be remade. Never again will I think about that horrific life ever again...
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Children of the Ocean by gottaloveemily
Children of the Oceanby Emily
Just another angsty fan fic
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Timeless. by MoxxiZombie
Timeless.by Jessica
So This is the sequel to "My Morphine." This story takes place fifteen years after the episode on 3-Mile Island. When Blyss Varner did the unthinkable! Now bec...
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The Cheerleader And The Nerd by _ayeesha98
The Cheerleader And The Nerdby Ayeesha
Meet Riley Pearce! She's in her senior year. She's the head cheerleader and she has the star quarterback begging her to be his girlfriend. Seems like she's got everythin...
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The twins (KB) by shir13
The twins (KB)by XxLaZyXx
Okay then, this is a one shot to the awesome Kissing Booth which I enjoyed reading. This one shot will be about the lovely twins Bryan & Ryan - They were so cute♡
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