OUR CUTE FAMILY  by kuku369
OUR CUTE FAMILY by kuku369
This story is about four brothers n their life. It is mainly about Raglak😍 but I'll try to give equal scences of others too.This will contain family bonding.
  • funny
  • temish
  • sad
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Needed [DDLB] by littlexmaniak
Needed [DDLB]by working on it💕
It's 2057 and the world is everything but the same as it was. The world we had known is long forgotten now, the supernatural has taken over almost completely and unnatur...
  • jaxson
  • ddlb
  • drawing
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Instagram ~ Zion Kuwonu by welphoe
Instagram ~ Zion Kuwonuby Layla
"@zionkuwonu liked your post" {completed}
  • honored
  • zion
  • brandon
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The Librarian by romance_sucker
The Librarianby romance_sucker
Excerpt: I became keenly aware of my state as the footsteps became louder. Half of my body was under the couch, and my ass was sticking out. I shrieked as I realised tha...
  • comedy
  • professor
  • romantic
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The Captains' Bet by Thorned-Roses
The Captains' Betby Thorned-Roses
It stared as one of their usual games.. She was everything anyone would want He was everything everyone wanted Parker Jacobs (PJ), and Ryan Alexanders were the mo...
  • hate
  • ryan
  • crushes
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13 Reasons Why Imagines  by Frankiethedarkangel
13 Reasons Why Imagines by Frankie
Imagines from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why **all characters ((requests))
  • hannah
  • ryan
  • tony
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Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' ... by krumble
Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' ...by Katie Rumble
COMPLETE: ''I'm bad for you.'' ''Yet I still keep coming back for more. Funny how it works isn't it?'' ''You, badboy, need to spare yourself.'' ''Or what, exactly...
  • twists
  • badboy
  • derek
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Return by LexxiLoveee
Returnby LexxiLoveee
Celia Emmens was the youngest trainee at Bondi Beach at just 14 years old! She became an actual lifeguard at 17 years old, but after her time at Bondi she decided to tra...
  • maxi
  • whippet
  • romance
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Noelle||Jordan Parrish by shaela_mae
Noelle||Jordan Parrishby S_mae
Noelle Stilinski never thought her life would be this way...Over the past few years she has been bitten by Peter, changed into something supernatural, and lost a good fr...
  • teen
  • stiles
  • kelley
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Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanfic by geekfanficwriter
Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanficby Megan
Chris and Megan absolutely hate each other. Chris thinks Megan is a stuck up, rich girl who is a pretentious musician and Megan thinks Chris is an asshole with an anger...
  • devin
  • motionlessinwhite
  • white
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MIW Facts by jacksonpapillon
MIW Factsby lei
Facts About MIW (Motionless In White) (Sometime their girlfriends, and friends (miw crew, but not really) By @leilSOS✨
  • ghost
  • miwfacts
  • chris
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The Bad girl goes Good by Cerisier
The Bad girl goes Goodby Cerise
Do any of the following titles "Bad boy and miss popular" "the bad boy and the nerd" "the bad boy is my best friend" and even "the ba...
  • highschool
  • bad
  • thebadgirlgoesgood
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The Heart Rate of a Mouse - Over the Tracks {VOLUME 1} by longblackleather
The Heart Rate of a Mouse - Over t...by JJ
THIS IS NOT MINE This was written by Anna Green on LiveJournal https://beggarsnotes.livejournal.com/55360.html
  • disco
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  • öf
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Roadtrip preferences & imagines by beaumontswifey
Roadtrip preferences & imaginesby ?Rye's Wifey?
  • cobban
  • roadtrip
  • trip
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buzzfeed unsolved as vines by idkspookystufff
buzzfeed unsolved as vinesby ...
the title says it all {requests open} i'm just someone who loves the spooky boys, vines, and has wayyy to much time on their hands
  • ripvine
  • shyan
  • buzzfeedunsolved
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iPod (ryden) by ishiprydenhowboutyou
iPod (ryden)by Ryro is nice
Ryan was running from the school. He was being chased by his least favorite people. He didn't notice, but he dropped his iPod. What will happen when the day after that h...
  • jon
  • panic
  • brendonurie
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Daddy's girl.  by HOODSOUL
Daddy's girl. by Kayla🥀
[Naomi] "Would it kill you to actually try?" I stop snapping pictures and put my hand on my hip. "Yes, it would. Now are you done?" "Look, if y...
  • mature
  • urbanfiction
  • urban
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younger.// nascar.  by Gigi_Lashley
younger.// nascar. by basically gi.
sometimes we can't help how we feel, and airi really can't help how she feels about ryan. despite he being 23 and her being 16. but age is just a number right? no, not w...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • burton
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Smooth Criminal // Ryden by panicking-ryden
Smooth Criminal // Rydenby jada ?
Ryan was a criminal, Brendon was his lawyer {ryden au, Ryan's POV}
  • urie
  • brendonurie
  • ryden
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Host of Sheets (Buzzfeed Unsolved) by camillaboojay
Host of Sheets (Buzzfeed Unsolved)by Jaime Camille
"You took something, Shane." It was Ryan's voice, but it didn't sound right, too sultry, lilting almost- and now that Shane thought about it, much too clear to...
  • demonshane
  • hauntings
  • unsolved
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