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I feel homeless

when I'm here all alone

I feel homeless

when your not in my mind

just homeless

not what I'm really,

looking for...

It's the worst part,

of this world

when I'm here all alone

sitting on my bed

fully just all sad

here up in space

alone up in the moon

just me and you

is better,


just, lonely


stupid homeless heart

that's here and never falls

cruelly sad and lonely

just feels like it's just

me against the world

all alone

with no one around

to see me cry

feels so homeless


just homeless

Is someone around?

then come please,

come and please...

give me a home

right in your soul

and stay there with me

never part from me

stay there with me

instead of just, homeless

on the sidewalk of my heart

alone in the shadows

without anybody

don't let me,

be homeless....

be there with me

just there

with me.....


just be there with me....

don't let me be homeless

don't let me.....




I was really sad, when I wrote this one.

I was missing someone.

A lot.

I still do.

But I definitely think, I'm over it.

Please, vote and comment, maybe that'll put a nice big smile on my face........


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