'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'[6]

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Chapter 6




After a while I felt a presence walking right beside be.

I peeked through the side of my right eye.

And to only be surprised on who it was.


''Hi'' is all I said still surprised.

♥ Alex's P.O.V. ♥


I was walking home. I felt a little followed. and then there is someone walking beside me, with a big grin stuck right on the face.

Saying Hi.

So I say Hi back, but 'cause I'm such a not normal person I trip over my own feet and plop, right on my ass.

Life couldn't get any better.

And now I blush, I blush!!

I'm not a blusher, not normally, but right now, it's my worst nightmare.

Yeah even more than tripping over your own feet.

Now I was being helped up to my feet.

I'm frozen, I can't talk, and I swear I'm going to faint any minute soon.

''Are you Ok?'' he asked in a slight worried tone.


''Uh, huh'' was all that could pop out of me even though it sounded most like a question than an assuring answer.

I finally found myself stopping as we were walking.


''What's wrong?'' he asked.


I couldn't say a thing.

It's, it's his house?

Why am I here?

Oh, God!

Without a thought, not even thinking about the person I was walking with.

I ran.

I ran like a frightened little girl, who got her favorite doll stolen and is trying to get it back.

Oh, yeah I ran, I ran quite far and fast.

But I could here him yell something at me before I was way out of reach by then.

''Wow I'm fast'' I told myself as I stopped infront of fast food place as I was gasping for air.

I can't believe what just happened.

Did I just run away.

Well not exactly, but still I did do it out of a sudden and to me that's called running awayfrom something.

Mostly someone.


Ok, I should rewind alittle, like way back.

So, I guess I should tell you about it.

Well it actually happened three and a half months ago.

At his house.

If you knew me back then.

You'd figure out that I changed.

And it was a lot.

Not a tiny bit, but a lot.

Back then you could have noticed, that I was really quiet.

And I'd love to rephrase that.

Really, Really quiet.

You couldn't get anything out of me.

Not even the time of day.

Well that was if you were a complete stranger or whoever.

My only talky talky times were around my friends and family.

And they were truly the ones wanting for me to shut up.

I talked to much with them, and not a peep with others.

Don't ask.

Well enough of my quiet to loud transformation.

It was mostly caused when I started dating Connor, but that's another story.

And now isn't the time to talk about it.

Well it was vacationing time, and we weren't leaving to Utah until a couple of weeks later.

I didn't do much on those days.I mostly stayed over Sas and Clay's houses (their nicknames!!).

I really didn't like the idea of moving, even back then.

I knew it all along that we were going to, but I tried to ignore it.

And look were it took me.

Let's go to what happened.

I just want to say it, before it burns my insides.

I was walking alone, around midnight, and I was going to go to get myself some cookies (you know what kind).

And I didn't want to take the long way.

Yeah I know, I'm so lazy.

Walking couldn't of hurt me more, than what happened afterwads.

So I took this shortcut I knew of.

I hadn't used it in a while, so I forgot that the number one rule is:

NEVER Walk alone, through a dark alley, alone!!

But little smart me, is so lazy, that did it either way.

Anyways I had forgotten that golden rule.

So forgive me.

I knew that I a young, awesome person, wasn't supposed to be there alone.

But that's also why I'm known for my addiction of cookies.

They make me do the wildest things.

There was this time......Lets continue.

I felt a bit followed.

You know when you feel like your followed, and you look back and nothings there.

Well yeah that's what happened to me.

Then after a few more steps I was at the store, so I enteres and grabbed those plastic thingies, and started grabbing lots of my treasures.

Yes, my treasures.

I got some milk as well, don't want to choke up.

'peep, peep, peep'

I remember the machine thingy sound when the lady was registering my stuff.

I paid.

Got a free candy bar.

I felt lucky.

Sad thing, is was not for long.

I walked happily back through the alley, heading back to Sas and Clay's place, (they don't live together, just in the same building) munching on my cookies as I walked happily.

But then it happened.

I felt it again.

But this time closer.

And when I looked back.

There was someone right behind me.


My reflects did the job, and acted down.



......To Be Continued......


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