One Last Love♥

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One Last Love

Written By: LolaLovise

On: September 14th, 2010

It's hard to believe

how things go

when they do

I tried to stop it

but it couldn't

One last love

is all it takes

one last chance

for old sakes

can't stay here,

bored of waiting

waiting for you,


We were so young

tryna' be smart in this game

failed as we went up the race

won second place without a sake

but your mineee

I know, we were one

but it's over now, babe

no time machine

can bring as back, hey

I can dream

I can wish

It's a matter of time,

when this might disappear

no, no-o-woah

One Last Love

is all I want

One last time

of your love

One last kiss

is all I'm wishing for

But it can't be now

No I won't back down

I'm gonna fight

Even if you don't want to listen

I'll get my chance

you know it's no lie

You know I love you

you love me too, right?

it's just the distance

don't give up now

gonna fight

One Last Love..♥(x2)

One, One, One, One


**So, what do you think? Hmmm, this was random, i had just see this movie, and I might of gotten a bit too into it :P *

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