Letter Attack!!!

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Letter Attack!!!



Attack, attack, attack

Letter attack!

Attack, attack, attack

just another attack!

Words gone mad

So do I

I'ma fight, fight, fight


A bunch of syllables

some that don't rhyme

write another silly song

even if it sucks!


Carla yells 'stop it!'

but it just won't bust

annoying you is so much fun

so pretty much

get over it!


It won't rhyme

even if I try

I can't write

but I can try

even if I said I can't


Stupidity, more or less

what have I done?

when the words

get so mad

they want to attack!


Save me now!

letters gone mad

on another attack!


Jumbo craziness

words go me dizzy

so much to learn

even if it hurts

Letter Attack!

I'm warning you!


Stacy! I said come.

We're gonna win

win, win, win

this war

even if you die

I'll be champion

Letter attack!

I'm warning you!

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