Chapter 2 : The Deal.

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Author's Note : If anyone noticed, I changed the story's name, book cover, and added characters. Yes, I made sure I hadn't written anything that would make it hard to choose people, but thankfully, I never actually described how both of them looked, well sort of, because I’m not that good at describing stuff. Sorry it’s short, but this is just a filler chapter…Yay! :D Enjoy ^-^

And, I must say that this is a short story, and it only has eight (8), so yeah...I'm already sad that it's that short, but that's just how I planned it.

Oh, and has anyone heard Demi Lovato's new song "Skyscaper"? Yeah, it's on the side, for those who like it. Like me! :D 

                                                                You Will be Mine.

                                                               Chapter 2 : The Deal.

                                                               Jack's Point of View

       Remember when I told you I was walking down the hallway, and I was pulled, rather harshly if I may add, into one of the janitor's closet. It would be some guys fantasy to be in this situation, to find a hot girl ready to get it on in there, but not me. Well, not at the moment.

       "What the-," were the words that half went out through my mouth, as I was indeed ambushed into the janitor's closet, by someone of course. Definitely won't find the Easter Bunny in there with a basket full of eggs. 

       "Shhh!" This someone hushed me sternly, trying to keep me quiet, while I hastily tried looking for a way out of there. What if it is some crazy rapist? Guys get raped too, you know. We are victims out in society as well. 

       Blindly I tried to reach the doorknob, to get the hell out of this place. I had my hands put out in front of me, using them as my eyes, but my hand roaming concluded on feeling two warm soft things. If I would think it out better, I'd think they were boobs, a nice size of breast, if I may say so myself, but seriously, if it's one of those crazy girls that thinks they'll get some from me, I will just have a heart attack!

       No truth to deny, they tempt you in the worst ways, and some of them are excessively young for me, and look like some cheap skanks from a corner from downtown. But I do have to admit that I've had my couple of skanks in bed. Do I regret the sex? Maybe. Why? Because of the reason that my past is the main thing that is keeping me away from the wonderful girl that, I've so deeply fallen in love with.

       I'm such a pig.

       I heard a loud squeak followed by a clicking sound, and suddenly a little light bulb turned on.

       My eyes widened in a terrorizing shock as I realized who was in front of me and what I was doing. I was boob groping the girl I'm always so desperately trying to impress. Melody or how I like to call her, Mel was blushing in anger.

       "You can get your hands off of me now," she growled through gritted teeth.

       So long, for getting her to like me, but it's not like I'll ever stop trying. (;

       "Oh, sorry," I muttered, as I immediately removed my hands from her boobs. Ha, that kind of sounds funny in my head.

       She glared at me, making me feel like I was shrinking under her harsh stare. She's the only one who has ever glared at me in such a way before. It's quite the turn on, if I may say so myself.

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