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Advice(-ish) Book by BubblyShip
Advice(-ish) Bookby BubblyShip
I'm not exactly sure what to call this book. People have said how they like my writing and are inspired by me once in a while, so I thought I could make a book where you...
  • help
  • advice
  • story
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Asterix and the strange woman (TMNT crossover more or less)  by FearsomeSamurai45657
Asterix and the strange woman ( FearsomeSamurai45657
If you have never heard of Asterix and Obelix before then I suggest you might want to read this story if you want. But this will have the turtles and a few of my OC's in...
  • trust
  • thegang
  • vee
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Stuck in the Library with a Hot Jerk! :P by Roxanne1231231
Stuck in the Library with a Hot Roxanne1231231
  • duke
  • writingcontest
  • teen
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The Transfer Student by x_WickedLovely_x
The Transfer Studentby x_WickedLovely_x
  • freya
  • cassy
  • ghost
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Chasing Reality. by Toinpre
Chasing Toinpre Donald
Clarissa couldn't think of a loophole in her life, she was an average Christian girl, or so she says, but others tend to differ. She had everything going for her till sh...
  • choices
  • cancer
  • friendship
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What's Write [COMPLETED] by joymoment
What's Write [COMPLETED]by Joy
*Door bursts open. Strides in, waving hands* Alright! Alright! That's it! I will do it! You can stop asking me so many times! *Flops into chair and stares at a silent...
  • writing
  • authors4life
  • cowritten
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My Top Books by story-girl
My Top Booksby Tia
Are you struggling to find a good book to read? Would you like some help? Whether you like a crime or a mystery or a romance or a fantasy, read this book to find my favo...
  • fiction
  • self-discovery
  • helpinghand
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I live with vampires and werewolves, did I mention they're all guys? (+ Sequel) by Katiewolf
I live with vampires and Katiewolf
Kelly may live with a group of super hot guys who just happen to be either werewolves or vampires, but other than that her life is like any other teenage girl's. Or it w...
  • girl
  • vampire
  • happy
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The Maiden and the Wolf---- *A Fantasy Romance Story* by Katiewolf
The Maiden and the Wolf---- *A Katiewolf
  • romantic
  • demons
  • girl
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How to get more Readers for Dummies by AngelRose180
How to get more Readers for Dummiesby Sonya Writer ❤
So having some trouble writing your book? Maybe you just need some helpful time. I encourage you to take a sneak peak inside because everyone could use some help every n...
  • morereads
  • workshop
  • helping
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"I just want to play volleyball." ~ Haikyuu Fanficion  by Janina154
"I just want to play volleyball." Janina154
Slowly I get my eyes to open and look up at Oikawa. He says something but I can't understand. I smile and say: "I just want to play volleyball." A story about...
  • oikawa
  • aobajohsai
  • haikyuu
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Poems and Short Stories by DarknessAndLight
Poems and Short Storiesby Karianne
A collection of short stories and poems.
  • goodbye
  • nothing
  • helpinghand
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The girl next door (august alsina) (book 1) by august_kmichelle
The girl next door (august alsina) marie
august lives in a apartment building next door to this girl who keeps getting beat up by her husband at first he never paid any attention and then he start noticeing mor...
  • augustalsina
  • violence
  • teafullstory
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be mine~jeff the killer x the inane killer reader  by daphinethewhitetiger
be mine~jeff the killer x the creeypastalove
a girl name y/n is in the forests of slendy's woods as you meet a another killer as you play along you start go blood thirsty what will she do on adventure (warning:doe...
  • eyeless
  • slendermanpoxy
  • zalgo
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Saving Boobear. by Mycupoftea69
Saving Shalisa
Harry thinks Louis is battling with anorexia. The boys are all concerned. Harry is his best friend and hates to see him like this, so he makes up a 10 week recovery plan...
  • anorexia
  • larry
  • love
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The Bully Exposer by HopeWriters22
The Bully Exposerby Spreading Light, Hope, Awaren...
This book will work to locate hate accounts and post them here. We will offer guidance and support to both the bullies and the bullied. If you know of any bullies or ha...
  • hateaccounts
  • spreadlove
  • stopbullying
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A Pink Little Problem  by Matt_thy_Android
A Pink Little Problem by Mattstacks
Tiff and Tuff are older. Kirby also lives somewhere more appropriate the twin cabbies live with him. Kirby is now capable of controlling his eating habits. (Main plot) ...
  • kirby
  • mothering
  • helpinghand
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Need Character Name Ideas by Got7ahgasex
Need Character Name Ideasby Babykakz
Need ideas for names? Ask me what kind of name you want for a male or female etc •all names come in a full name •I update quick •Religious names •all state names Make s...
  • madeup
  • names
  • noproblemo
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Advice by freelancer287
Adviceby freelancer287
Pm me any problems you want advice for, and I'll make a chapter in my book so people can comment ideas for your problem I won't mention you in the chapter unless you exp...
  • advice
  • godhashishandinyourlife
  • helpinghand
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Teasers, Info, Short Stories, Poems, Etc. by AmberNicolee
Teasers, Info, Short Stories, Amber Nicole
  • poetry
  • thoughts
  • miss
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