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Just A Kiss by Kadenereadaholic
Just A Kissby Kadenereadaholic
"I have this strong urge to kiss you." he said as his eyes flicked to my lips and then back to my eyes. I felt my heartbeat increasing and my knees were starti...
Well, You Fooled Me by StupidFreakingBees
Well, You Fooled Meby Kayla Grace
"We fake date each other for two or three weeks then we have a public breakup." I think he's hit his head one too many times playing football. "Really tha...
Our Payback by AngixElaine
Our Paybackby 𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐈
Devyn Lea and Nathaniel Campos have never gotten along. But once Senior year approaches and Nate comes back into town after being away in Austin for two years, his retur...
One Kiss Later by maceyywrites
One Kiss Laterby Macey
She needed to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, he needed to stop being set up on terrible dates, one kiss later and they're fake dating. - Natalia Fitzgerald is a college...
a little crazy | winrina  by wintywin
a little crazy | winrina by win
"The job is you want me to help you fake a relationship to get the media off your back?" Minjeong asks, voice saturated with disbelief. "That's exactly wh...
You Were Always The only option by therealest_bitch
You Were Always The only optionby Gi<3
𝑨𝒍𝒊𝒚𝒂𝒉 𝑽𝒂𝒍𝒆 - The most popular and envied student at her elite boarding school is in a troubling situation after her mother found her in compromising position...
Chemical Poison . Howard Stark by marvel-c-universe
Chemical Poison . Howard Starkby call me howard stark
Ana Lorenz was never good at playing an act, but what happens when family politics and science forces her to fake date Howard Stark? A CHEMICAL KNITTING REWRITE ! NOT CO...
the sun an the moon by CrysoPhella
the sun an the moonby Ch Ph
She's never been that girl He's always been that boy "And now... kiss."
cheater | so junghwan  by kiwisn
cheater | so junghwan by 𓆩♱𓆪
"if you bite your lip one more time, i'm going to do it for you." ▬▭ wherein so junghwan cheats on his girlfriend with...
Protector by KaileneKay
Protectorby ♥️
It all started when he saw her getting bullied by members of his own house, the girl who lived was getting ridiculed, at first he would have been one of those boys, maki...
Savage Me by fallenbabybubu
Savage Meby Louisse
MOUNT VALLEY SERIES #2 Connie Anderson faces the biggest challenge of her life: having to pretend to date the person she despised all her life - the goody-two-shoes, Sco...
Raising the Stakes; Zelink Coffee Shop AU (The Legend Of Zelda) by Inastaria
Raising the Stakes; Zelink Coffee...by Alu
Zelda, the governor's daughter, is an aspiring author who can only write in coffee shops. Forced by her father to move away from Central, and her beloved coffee shop, s...
Faking It and Other Top Gun Stories - Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw by ShadowsStillRemain
Faking It and Other Top Gun Storie...by InHiding
Top Gun Stories and Imagines: Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. Requests currently open for Top Gun and TGM.
It's Fake by ROSE_N0
It's Fakeby ROSE_N0
BTS FANFIC You as a girl with a huge make-up company,having to be a mafia's fake girlfriend Putting up with his gang and damands The might hate but... I don't give AF...
faking it | rini by lottielotsof
faking it | riniby they call me lottie
in which Ricky Bowen and Nini Salazar-Roberts don't like each other. no, really, they have no feelings whatsoever towards each other. but that's not what the public thi...
f a k e | J.G. by chevronkittycats
f a k e | J.G.by ur cute jeans🔅
In which two people come together and fake date to make their exes jealous. will feelings be caught? do they end up getting back with their exes? read f a k e to fi...
Trending | Dreamwastaken by Sagawriting
Trending | Dreamwastakenby Saga
Adaline Brazier, a twenty year old twitch streamer, has never really made any friends online, let alone fallen in love. When she finally gives in to requests and goes on...
If they only knew by ljspeter
If they only knewby Lis
Ricky Bowen never really bought into the whole soulmate thing (except he did) but life got in the way and now he's sort of pretending to date new (totally not intimidati...
~ Guldaasta ~  by slayyfics
~ Guldaasta ~ by slayyfics
** TROUPE - ENEMIES TO LOVERS! ** ETHNICITY - DESI (INDIAN) ** SLOW BURN ** LATE UPDATES (as author has a lot of mood swings and often end up losing motivation along w...
How to Hunt a Billionaire  by jenlisa_kim2716
How to Hunt a Billionaire by Jenlisa_kim27
"So you set fire to my apartment?" I rolled my eyes at her. "No, I didn't. I was cooking and it decided to start burning." "...Then you're a ter...