Like I'll Fall for that

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you say many things

so much I can't resist

you say that I'll fall

with just a kiss

well here's you stop Hun

'cause keep on dreaming

like I'll fall for that

guess you think

your the greatest

the one who makes me smile

well here's your second stop

'cause it's a plain no Hun


like I'll fall for that

keep on fallin' baby

'cause that's as close as you'll get from me

never mind

my words, right?

guess you won't stop


here goes a hit

just to keep you nearby spinning

don't hurt your brain honey

I see smoke

guess you thought too hard

like I'll fall for that

hear my plain simple words

I won't fall for you

not with a smile

a kiss

or a hug

just try a little but harder

I don't fall that easily Hun

you won't find my key

the one who locked my heart

and keeps it hidden

even from me

just try a lil' bit harder

like I've said befor


like I'll fall for that


like I'll fall

for that

noooo, nooooooo

I won't fall

just like that

so try a lil' bit harder Hun

yeah, yeah, yeah

just a lil' bit harder Hun

and just maybe

just maybe

you'll unlock my heart

and come right in


Another one, I was so...., playing with someone,

Yeah he thought I'd actually give in.


He fell, while I just laughed (I wasn't being mean, but he started it)


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