'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'[Chara.2]

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Name: Cloe Smith & Susan Mirey

Nick Names: Clay Master, Sas Jam

Age: 16

Likes: They are like their BFF Alex except their super favorite color isn't purple. Cloe's super favorite is aqua and Susan's super favorite is velvet blue, purple, blue, all greens, brown, black, flowers (especially orchids), animals, jokes, dancing, reading, goofing around, yelling, singing, pretending to be complete idiots, mocking people, weird dances, long cold showers (Susan), taking pictures of everything including herself (that's Cloe), playing pranks on their friends especially Alex (Both), and spending time at home with her family or just hang around with her friends.

Dislikes: They're a bit like Alex's; annoying people, cocky-ness, sarcasm, pranks(on her, both), lies, guys that think their better than girls, stupid quotes, and surprises, animal poop (Cloe), long nails (Susan, their really creepy to her),Chihuahuas with big bulging eyes and huge heads (Susan's), wacky cups (Susan), and old pictures of her (Cloe).

Family:Cloe: has a little sister she's 3 and a half her name is Catherine Cat for short she like to pretend to be a kitty if you haven't guessed it, Her mom is about 34 she's a retired model and her dad is a very successful lawyer Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Mrs. Janice and Mr. Charles)




Susan:Her mom is a social care worker she's pretty young she's 28 1/2 she's a single mom (Sarah Mirey) her dad well he's nowhere to be found, she has a little sister that they adopted a year ago she's 2 1/4 she's younger than Cloe's sister and she's Asian her name is Lee Ming Mirey.



Name: Mikey James

Nick Names: Mikey the Mouse, Pumpkin Oz, and Jigo jo

Age: 5

Likes: Lots of toys, gum, playing with his big brother, playing outside, going to the park, gummy bears, candy, fruit loops, sugar, his pet puppy Chance, puddles, staying at home, going to his big brothers school, acting like he's 3, jumping on the trampoline *don't know how to spell that* and other bouncing objects.

Dislikes: Rainy days, cleaning up his mess and Chance's 'accidents' his 'I'm a messy eater' bib, punishments, time-out's, going to the hospital, and not getting any attention.

Family: His big brother Adrian Jack James who is 16 and his mom Ms. James (Lauren James) who is a nurse and his pet puppy Chance.



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