Throw me Hope. ♥Poem for Haiti & Others♥ Help as much as you can!

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Throw me Hope.

A Poem By: LolaLovise

For: Haiti and other countries suffering.

Glistening past,

swirls and spins,

dust it all,

it feels like a fairytale,

one that went wrong.

Why us?

Why now?

Is it anything much but grim?

So bad, so good,

so great, so wreck,

sense or not,

you'll see the speckles of hope,

throw me hope,

it'll all be better,

is it now or never?

Or will I wait for you once more?

Shaken and broken,

that's what I've become,

no hopes, no dreams,

it's all a gone fantasy,

lucky or not?

I know I'll still be alive.

Dreams I've had,

I've seen it,

near but yet so far,

not a fantasy?

Real or not?

Throw me some hope!

Throw it,

don't hesitate,

it's now or never,

you and I,

here and there,

we'll overcome it all!

Hope is given,

taken, thrown,

but all in all,

you're here with me,

never parting,

you are her,

you always will,

I know your near,

you said to me,

"My child, so young so fragile,

I'm here, with you,

never gone,

always near"

My father has come,

he'll be with me always,

us and everyone,

I know hope is near,

for he had spread it,

all is well,

god is near,

always here,

with me and you,

his children that he loves,

I'm spread with glee.

Throw me hope!

Throw me hope!

I know I'm safe,

a white shining light,

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