[Long.Short.Story] 'Randomly Famous' (One-Shot)

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(I did not write this, I just put it up here, so ya'll can read and whatever, I just like it, kayerz)


At the 2005 MMVAs

"And to present the Best Rock Video Award, please welcome Blake Rivell from the Six Chix!" said the animator of the 2005 Much Music Video Awards. After a couple of seconds came out a punkish/gothish/skatish looking girl: growing band Six Chix's drummer.

"Hellooooooo Baltimore! Thank you for the warm welcome!" the girl said to the camera. The animator then appeared to be whispering something to the girl.

"Ohhhhh...you mean we're not in Baltimore?!"

-A little more whispering-

"Toronto?! What the--" she then looked at the camera partly surprised and scared

"Hellooooooooo TORONTO!! How's the BEST CITY in the WORLD doing?! Thank you for the warm welcome!! Hehe" Some of the crowd laughed while others, who didn't seem to understand that it was a joke, started booing her.

"Are they booing me?!" asked the girl -shocked- to the animator

"No! Of course not! They're saying Boo-urn!" said the animator quickly. She knew that that Blake girl was upset very easily and that she had a really bad temper. Blake then spoke to the crowd.

"Are you saying boo or boo-urn?!" Everyone in the crowd yelled Boo while one little skinny -maybe 80 years old- sad-looking gramps said "I was saying boo-urn."

"Anyway, the nominees for the Best Rock Video Award are..." A robotic female voice then spoke

"American Idiot, Green Day... Welcome To My Life, Simple Plan... River Below, Billy Talent... Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Green Day..." etc.

"And the winner is... RIVER BELOW, BILLY TALENT!" said Blake while looking a little sad. Billy Talent then arrived on stage after shaking quite some hands.

"Thank you, thank you. I would like to thank..." said the guy with weird hair while Benjamin addressed Blake.

"Hey, you don't look too happy to see us win, Blake"

"Uh?" she said snapping out of her thoughts "No, no. Im really glad you guys won..."


"But I see you guys like everyday" she then started to mutter "I wanted Simple Plan to win!"

"What?! Simple Plan?!?! They're not even rock! You would prefer seeing them rather then youre friends win?!" he said completely outraged.

"Well... yeah... I can see you guys whenever I want... I rarely see Simple Plan since they got so big" Benjamin looked at her like she was some mad cow from outer space "David is such a cutie" she pouted. Benjamin sighed from relief.

"God you scared me! I thought that you'd prefer seeing them because they were better! But I should've known, Blake, thinking about other things then boys? Aha, I'd like to see that one day." He laughed while pushing her around.

"Hey I'm not always thinking about boys!" he looked at her disbelievingly (is that even a word?!) "Only the hot ones... -drools-" (aha, NONE of you can say that David Desrosiers isnt a hottie or at least a cutie! But hes mine anyway, sucka! points at David lovers-XD)

"Eww Blake! Get away from me! You're getting saliva on my shirt!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"


"ARE T--" Benjamin then realised that everyone, including the camera (yikes!), were staring at them, immature cows.

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