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Dancing With The Player | ✓ by NicoleSmithWanabeeMe
Dancing With The Player | ✓by NicoleSmithWanabeeMe
When Brielle's dance instructor gets mad at her for missing yet another rehearsal, she gives Brielle an ultimatum: lose her solo that she needs to get into Julliard, or...
  • featured
  • badboy
  • football
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Strictly Platonic | EDITING by depressing
Strictly Platonic | EDITINGby - ̗̀ n i c o l e ̖́-
FORMERLY 'ONE OF THE GUYS' Whoever says boys and girls can't just be friends is lying, and Lexi Hamilton is living proof of that. Spending the majority of her adolescen...
  • school
  • doug
  • high
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The Pizza Girl | ✓ by queenofpizzas-
The Pizza Girl | ✓by arabella
"Its a deal then". "Okay", he replied and before I had the chance to kick him out of my couch, outside my door away from me he placed his lips on min...
  • love
  • highschool
  • franciscolachowski
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Aftershocks of Kiss Cam[Completed] by mikaelanay
Aftershocks of Kiss Cam[Completed]by Mickey
Jacob Callahan and Jacquelyn Waldorf have been rivals from the day they were born. Yes, you heard it. Their families are rivals. Their friends are rivals. Their soccer t...
  • closet
  • enemies
  • hate
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The BadBoy screams trouble!  by Startdust-Sprinkler
The BadBoy screams trouble! by kittykatkat227
"S-sorry!" I struggled to release myself from the ropes I was tied with. Carter laughed as he bought the disgusting lizard close to my face. "Front or ba...
  • wattys2018
  • heartbreak
  • bookworm
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Protecting the President's Son by KirstenMx
Protecting the President's Sonby social 🦋
[Highest Rank: #3 in Teen Fiction] Luna Prescott is a young special agent and Ace Crawford is the President's son. On one eventful day, she gets given the undercover mis...
  • romance
  • girlxboy
  • selenagomez
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Once Upon a Bathroom Stall by hyrule
Once Upon a Bathroom Stallby ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ
❝I- what? What are you talking about? Who is this?❞ ❝Well the bathroom stall says that this number is the gateway to a good time, and unless you're trying to say that a...
  • teen
  • cellphone
  • teenfiction
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Once Upon a Royal One Night Stand ✓ by ThatReeader
Once Upon a Royal One Night Stand ✓by aria may
❝Oh my god, you're P-❞ ❝Prince Matthew Chamberlain III. Nice to meet you too, naked stranger.❞ ...
  • fiction
  • one-night
  • teenfiction
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Kissed by the Alpha by DayDreamt
Kissed by the Alphaby Gabriella
║ "It's yours, Angel," he says, his voice husky and deep, "you can stare as much as you want." ║ Emmaline Jones isn't one for surprises. Anybody wh...
  • hot
  • humor
  • romance
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Making Her Numb (18+ ONLY) by FastAndDeep
Making Her Numb (18+ ONLY)by Ethan Miller
  • assistant
  • 18
  • fad
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You're mine. by sadnessbabe12
You're sadnessbabe12
||#1 Teen Fiction|| Damon Queen- the dangerous, arrogant billionaire who doesn't like it when people disobey him. He never hesitates, he could kill with cold blood and c...
  • breakup
  • completed
  • romance
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Eyes of the Fallen by forgetnames
Eyes of the Fallenby forgetnames!
Jasmine is a junior in high school, and is hated by nearly everybody she knows, including her own father, due to her rude personality, unattainable beauty, and terrifyin...
  • angel
  • dream
  • assault
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Kissing the Bad Boy by aislinngg007
Kissing the Bad Boyby aislinngg007
Nicholas the bad boy at school and Jennifer is your typical high schooler. Everything about her is normal, except for the fact that she doesn't want a boyfriend. Afte...
  • kissing
  • teenagers
  • highschool
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Team Player by Simjpat
Team Playerby Simjpat
Hi there. I'm Michelle. I love playing sports, especially football, but my school doesn't have a girls team which is really stupid because the guys have one. Apparently...
  • football
  • friendship
  • feminism
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The Tutors by Dania_ZR
The Tutorsby DZR
Samantha is the school's nerd but just like any other girl she has a crush on one of the most popular guys in school. But when the school's bad boy asks her to tutor her...
  • gay
  • teen
  • cheating
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It's Not Even Like That by ElleNoToday
It's Not Even Like Thatby Elle
Aaron hates him. She's sure she does. How couldn't she? He's arrogant, stupid... It doesn't matter, she HATES him. Right? Right? There's no way... No, definitely not. Th...
  • kiss
  • fandom
  • school
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Cursed to follow by squeaky333
Cursed to followby squeaky333
in a world of werewolves Neverfade struggles to hold on. Everything around her seems to be crashing down. All she has to hold on to is her boyfriend Mist but who knows h...
  • sorrow
  • river
  • ever
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A Mistletoe Story by Viva_La_Brianna
A Mistletoe Storyby Brianna
Sixteen-year-old Evelyn has had a crush on her best friend's cousin, Karter, since eighth grade (even though he told her that he only thinks of her as a friend). But the...
  • holiday
  • fiction
  • mistletoekiss
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A Little Bit Of Incest [BoyxBoy] by selenoxphile
A Little Bit Of Incest [BoyxBoy]by Cortney🌙
*Perviously known as They Call It INCEST, I Call It LOVE!* *Book number 1* Cameron has always loved his brother more than you could imagine, but not in a brotherly way...
  • brothers
  • fiance
  • girl
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The Scent and The Shadow | BOOK 2 by bellethewinebae
The Scent and The Shadow | BOOK 2by 네하 | NEDA
❝Never has the idea of pain fascinated me until I was on my knees kneeling before him, naked, unashamed, and totally at his mercy waiting for his command. He said "...
  • italian
  • marriage
  • arrogance
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