A Shit Family, But One Nonetheless - TF2 x Child!Reader by IRNerdyyy
A Shit Family, But One Nonetheless...by IRNerdyyy
When an 11-year-old by the name of (Y/N) hacks into a CIA website, she's taken to the police, and meets a lady by the name of Ms. Pauling. Hilarity, Fluff, and Stupidity...
  • heavy
  • engineer
  • scout
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Some Like It Hot | The Man From U.N.C.L.E by imgayheeforjayhee
Some Like It Hot | The Man From U...by imgayheeforjayhee
  • fanfic
  • gabyteller
  • illyakuryakin
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A Game Of Black And White  by DanielSilva281
A Game Of Black And White by Daniel Silva
An unknown man attempts an assassination at a his target known only as ' the commander ' but fails and the target is still at loose.
  • cairo
  • fiction
  • spy
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Mission: Platform 13 by tbiles
Mission: Platform 13by Tiff B
GCSE Language Fiction Response
  • gcse
  • short
  • spy
Secrets and Spies by amymacc
Secrets and Spiesby 🥀x
What would you do for your family? Casey Cunningham would do anything. Even risking her own life.
  • spystory
  • spy
  • spying
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The Truth Lies by WarpathLover765
The Truth Liesby BraveShine16
Optimus Prime Discovered When He Is My Pleasure About Me When My Friends Begin To Be Trusted Too.
  • basketball
  • cat
  • crosshairs
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Ladybug And Cat Noir (Spy au) by TheEmoFreak29
Ladybug And Cat Noir (Spy au)by Anastasia
Marinette Dupain Cheng was known as the shy yet talented girl in school, and she had a crush on the most popular boy in school. She is an only child of Tom and Sabine Du...
  • adrienette
  • miraculous
  • ladybug
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Spying On The Gangleader  by lumsilalum
Spying On The Gangleader by lumsilalum
Bella mcany is a average 17 year old girl. At her high school she is quite popular okay maybe not the most popular but still. Bella is very curious and adventurous. When...
  • badboy
  • darkromance
  • romance
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Time Between Spies | book one by _callmesiri_
Time Between Spies | book oneby siri
❝ TIME IS AN ILLUSION - AN ILLUSION FOR DEATH. ❞ --- University student, Jim Walls, didn't wish for much this summer. A simple, easy-going break would've been nice for...
  • timetraveling
  • action
  • timemachine
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EDT by enc82106
EDTby #FFA life ya'll
Emily and Emma are part of a elite team called EDT or the Elitie Decoded team. They take highschool kids and take them, teach them the way of spy academy. They attend no...
  • emma
  • êm
  • emi
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Like Birds Under the City Sky by ShatteredSmooth
Like Birds Under the City Skyby S. A. Codair
Seventeen-year-old Micah can deal with being homeless. Like the birds, he trusts God will provide him with food and clothing. However, he has a harder time dealing with...
  • queer
  • serial
  • robots
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When The Road Splits by JMH_Writer
When The Road Splitsby JMH_Writer
Alyssa Farrell is the new girl in the town of Ballycomhan. Having just moved in with her father, following her mother's death, she soon joins a new social circle, acting...
  • spy
  • tense
  • threats
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The Spy Who Fell (Down A Hill) by LivingJ
The Spy Who Fell (Down A Hill)by LivingJ
Vincent was rather proud of himself. He could now proudly call himself a spy. Nineteen, clumsy, a bit slow and a SPY. So what if he had to repeat senior year? He was a s...
  • romance
  • fall
  • hill
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Agent Rodgers by ThatRandomDragon
Agent Rodgersby Aster
Orlando Rodgers was a farm boy until taken hostage for illegal experimentation. After being rescued by a top-secret government agency and asked to partake in missions to...
  • horse
  • pitbull
  • spy
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Solver, Looker, Hacker and Mentor - The Gyros by Frank_gomes985
Solver, Looker, Hacker and Mentor...by Frank Bruno Gomes
An organisation called The Phoenix hosts many professional teams of crime solvers among them is The Gyros, which consists of two Solvers, two Lookers, two Hackers and a...
  • spy
  • murder
  • suspense
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The Assassin's Mind by LogicNinja
The Assassin's Mindby LogicNinja
A desperate race to uncover secrets before the Empire extinguishes all hope in the Universe. But unravelling secrets and finding hidden truths, it is easy to lose sight...
  • undercover
  • space
  • action
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Undercover // Pjm by 0nguysop
Undercover // Pjmby SugaSwag_TaeTea
Lee Areum grew up in a family of spies who work for the organization, the I.C.O.( International Crime Organization). She is also a spy. After being found by an enemy, th...
  • bts
  • parkjimin
  • spy
Roles to play [Snamione] by vanessa_snape
Roles to play [Snamione]by vanessa_snape
What will happen when one night a wounded Hermione Granger stumbles into her former potion's professor's storages to 'borrow' some of his supplies? Why is the witch woun...
  • smutwarning
  • spy
  • smutmaybe
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