Nudes | e.d ❦ by ethansnudes
Nudes | e.d ❦by Lauren✌
Ethan: just send me one baby girl, I won't bite😉 You: argh... fine, one second! If I send you this, you better not screenshot it! Ethan: hmm no promises babe😋 [COMPLET...
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The Bad Boy by QveenCammy
The Bad Boyby Cammy
Last year, Ella Grace was beaten half to death by her sister and her friends, while her brother watched. Her two siblings went onto a summer trip, leaving her behind. Sh...
  • high
  • teenstories
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Rejected By Everyone-[Editing] by wolfgirl183818
Rejected By Everyone-[Editing]by 🔱Wolfgirl🔱
"A worthless bitch is my mate!" Cody growled, he stomped on my stomach, and sent a deep glare at me, he came down to my ear, "What happened earlier, wasn'...
  • prophecy
  • hate
  • accused
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I was a Mistake by AbbyDi23ner
I was a Mistakeby Abby
Eden's mother considers her the ruin of a perfect family. When the only father she's ever known leaves her and her family behind at the age of three, Eden becomes the br...
  • eden
  • mother
  • saving
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Un Amour Entre Trios |18+|  by melaninpopppin
Un Amour Entre Trios |18+| by ☆Veronica☆
A love between three. 18+| HIGHEST RANKING: #1- Romamce #5 - Love triangle #71- Hot #13- Dom and Menage #5- MMF #4- mxfxm
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OffSpring by XxRiah916Xx
OffSpringby ˗ˏˋI PURPLE YOUˎˊ˗
HR || #1 in Vampire (5/2/18) ° ° ° ❝I never knew how uncomplete my mortal life was until I met you, I couldn't be any happier to spend the rest of my years with you.❞ ...
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Sexting | Ethan Dolan by ughgrayson
Sexting | Ethan Dolanby cece♡
"Better not make daddy angry." highest ranking: #2 in youtube ©ughgrayson 2018
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  • dolan
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Best Friends With FuckBoys. Dolan Twins GD ED by dolanpole
Best Friends With FuckBoys. gray and eth ;))
aimee is best friends with a pair of fuckboy twins.
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BOXER ✰ E. DOLAN by himaslayin
BOXER ✰ E. DOLANby rach loves nic
everyday was the same, he'd give me a simple nod and walk out of the gym. until that one fateful day... ©HIMASLAYIN highest ranking: #96 on 8/6/17 100k on 8/4/17
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Her Little Secret by MissesW
Her Little Secretby Mittens
Sapphire Black lives with her twin brother and their usually absent mother. She is seen as the innocent of the group among friends. Often overprotected, no one knows tha...
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The Love Of Siblings (Incest) by iilubstories
The Love Of Siblings (Incest)by iilubstories
NOT COMPLETED *WARNING* - this story contains minor swearing and incest, pls do not read if you do not like those kind of things. 🚨Currently editing this whole story s...
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Sold to the gangleader! *COMPLETE* by marshall42
Sold to the gangleader! *COMPLETE*by Deltaboo32
Claire Delta, who is a fiesty, know-it-all, and loves her friends and family more then anything, just wants to get home and relax after graduation. But, you know, someti...
  • pregnancy
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The Billionaire's Secret Child. by theuniquewolf_02
The Billionaire's Secret theuniquewolf_02
I'm Matteo De Luca. A successful businessman in New York City. I have it all, the penthouse, the fast cars, the many vacation houses. I am successful in terms of money b...
  • ceo
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My Little, Abandoned Omegas by YOLOwriting101
My Little, Abandoned Omegasby ~❤️
"Help us..." I look down, seeing two twins sitting on the ground, backs leaning against the wall. As it rains I can see them trembling pitifully in the cold r...
  • werewolf
  • omega
  • romance
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The Gangster and the Princes (boyxboyxboy) by Popcorn_and_Anime
The Gangster and the Princes ( Lights at midnight
I did have a home once. A mother that woke me up with a bright smile. A father that often told me stories on a rainy day. My life was perfect. But things may not be as p...
  • romance
  • possessive
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Never Thought by tiffanynick_
Never Thoughtby TiffanyC
What happens when a thug (Deuce) hires a dork of a maid (Blue) to clean up after him? How will the maid change the big young boss in the hood? ---- 🛑 some strong langua...
  • maid
  • twins
  • urbanfiction
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In Possession of Them by KarmaBlakee
In Possession of Themby karma
{BOOK #1 COMPLETE - BOOK #2 N/A} ; "A girl stuck between a thousand thorns, scared to be pricked by the wrong one" ; "What's your name, love?" He say...
  • menage
  • mature
  • twins
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The Nerds A Gangleader  by Pineapple_love3
The Nerds A Gangleader by Tweety
Please read my last chapter before reading whole story! Hope P.O.V. "Leave my kids alone and give them back NOW Ray," I command. "Who might this be, a sas...
  • love
  • youtubers
  • gangleader
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The Uchiha's Sister || Book One by Miwa_Uchiha
The Uchiha's Sister || Book Oneby Miwa Uchiha
Miyuki Uchiha is many things; She is smart, pretty, nice, and sweet, and even when her clan is murdered by her own brother she still remains happy and cheerful. But when...
  • originalcharacter
  • gaara
  • massacre
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the bad boy's sunshine [SLOW UPDATES] by repunzel0313
the bad boy's sunshine [SLOW M_C0913
Dean's pov: "ohh thank you my knight in shining leather for rescuing my puppy from the danger that is Central park." She said it her hands together and with...
  • gangleader
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