[oo5] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....



He smells like chocolate or vanilla, but it's probably from those sprays guys used called, Axel?

Yeah, that's it!

I praise the creator of this aroma!

It's so alluring!

''Is this okay?'' he asked softly on my hair.

''Um, sure..''

It's like he knew what I needed, for he then turned around, letting me hug him more, yay!

I then happily drifted to sleep....


-Chapter 5-

The reasons that I love you....


I argued with Lucille, as she tried to change my minds decision.

''No! I will not live in the same house as....that THING!!!'' she shrieked, I still couldn't believe that we were even related, she was directly the opposite of me and the rest of my family, yes, we had money, but we didn't pay much love to it as she did.

''Well, go live with one of your plastic friends, they'll definitely love to take you in.'' I suggested.

''What are you kidding me!'' she exclaimed using her arms as emphasis weapons, ''That will totally ruin my reputation, do you know what they'll think of me?!'' she once again shrieked.

Oh, God! How I hate her voice, it always gives me a hard migraine.

The things I do for you...

What is so hard to understand, I just want her with me, forever.

I guess you may be wondering...

'Hey! I thought you were the bad guy?!' is what you may be thinking, but I'm not, I just want to be her charming prince, always have, but she just never noticed.

It is until the day that she left our school, that I realized I had 'more' than a silly crush on her, but she's changed so much.

She looks nothing like her old self, but I just love her more for it.

I guess I would have left if I were in 'that situation' too.

I remember the look on her face, when the whole school found out, the vicious lie that my cruel sister had spread, what jealousy does to people.

My sister, Lucille, my twin sister to be in fact, spread out to the whole school, in time record, if I may say, that El, what they called her in her popular days, had slept with the whole football team, it was obvious that it was all a lie, but as everyone loves hard gossip, they played along and mocked her ever since.

She first wasn't that popular, Lucille had decided to add her up into her posse, stupid posse if I may add also.

They changed her completely, she used to be so cheerful, naive, and so happy back then, she would always wear bright colors, and she definitely would stand out in the middle of huge crowds, that's how I noticed her...

That day, a sunny summers day, if I'm correct, I was in a hurry fats walking to my locker to get my books and stuff, and I ran into her.

I fell right over her, and she didn't even yell at me for my carelessness, she just nicely said 'Hi' as she helped me up, I was very shy back in the day, yes I was popular, but I didn't care much of that, still don't.

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