Chapter 11 : More Secrets

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                                       Kidnapped by a Vampire?

Author’s Note: Hello, you. It has been over two years since I have written anything decent on this story. With this new chapter, in this New Year, I hope my new acquirements in writing that I have gained are found satisfactory from your behalf. Once I am finished with this 36-long chaptered story, as well as the bonus chapters that will be published afterwards, there might be a brief recession to lapse in a part of the story that none of you guys have ever read, and only I know about that. Then I will re-write, edit, and add more to all the chapters written earlier at the beginning of this story, and if necessary, I’ll also do that to newer ones that will be coming out soon. For I have noticed an extremely high range of spelling errors, missing words, and lack of understandable sentences, that I apologize now for the inconvenience it must have caused you all when reading this fellow story. So, being that said, sit back, and enjoy the following chapter I hope it does not disappoint, and notice that I made this one an extra long, juicy treat for you all. I just want to add something else to this note. I will be trying to get over my ‘fear-of-sex-scenes’, so maybe you all will get to read this soon in said story, of “Kidnapped by a Vampire”, as well as others that are hinting to this foreshadowing. If you are against R rated scenes, comment below to point out your disapproval for it. Now, that is all. Enjoy.



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More Secrets

Recap: “Don’t forget talking to yourself” I heard that same voice say again, but I turned to face whoever it was, there he was! The guy from the picture!


Hearing the sound of my clothes falling with a small ‘thud’ to the floor, as my mouth slightly went from being slightly open, to a really shock-filled-open mouth.

I shifted my weight unto my other foot, as I stood still, still shocked out of my mind, as this guy – this stranger, who, well, appeared out of nowhere, and was somehow in my room…it feels a bit odd to consider it my room, but I guess that’s what I’ll have to gain custom of. I tried to muster out all the courage I had in me to say something, at least a scream, but all that I could manage to scramble out of my mouth, were mere stuttered words.

“Who-Who are you?” I asked, slightly stumbling at the beginning; I focused my eyes at him, and securely took to steps away from him. He looked at me in interest, as though he had just seen a goldfish, do a back flip and then give a little dance around its bowl. His stare unnerved me. I swallowed hard, and took another step back as he took one towards me.

His eyes filled with a strange tinge of excitement; okay, weirdo.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon…” he trailed off, as he walked towards me once again, for some reason I didn’t have the strength in me to move away, I felt as if I was completely glued to the floor; Uh-uh, this isn’t good.

Luckily, my mouth didn’t seem to be lacking ability of motion, so I spilled out words that seemed to just come out on their own, “What do you mean?” I asked, as I tried to look around for any available weapons, nah, no such luck, unless I could kill him to death ith my clothes. For some reason, I think that he is a vampire; yeah, I'm so smart, of coarse he is a vampire!

He stared down at me, with this great look of disbelief, as though he had heard the most stupid thing in the world, but that look quickly swam away as he placed a blank mischievous, slightly malicious look upon his face. “You know, you ask an awful lot of questions, doll face,” he said, while a huge half grin half smirk wavered on his face. I must admit, he is harmfully attractive, but it’s not like I would ever admit that.

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