Chapter 8 : Sleeping Beauty.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?! 

Chapter 8 : Sleeping Beauty.


I watched the human girl in her sleep stated body, in one of the many vacant rooms of the royal castle, it still doesn't make any sense why she is here, she would have been dead by now, and the reason that I think that she's not, is just so unreliable to know, so many plans could be on for this young girl, I think father has something to do with her, for he would have been taking first privileges on taking her down to begin with, this is just too suspicious.

This made me remember about the last meetings we had at the council, something about a prophecy, I would of remembered more, but I just didn't feel like paying any attention, I was off in a better world at the moment. What I do think I remember is something about all the power that will be received after gaining her love, but who is this important 'her' that will occur when found is just mystery still to me.

I heard a sudden clatter, and then the door opening, I suspected it would be Megumi, she'd always be following me, even when she would say she wasn't, that's what happens when you brake-up with an over-possessive girlfriend, anyways, how would I have known, it's only been a couple of months since then, but they've been complete horrendous to me, I just can't ever be all alone, she just has to come out of nowhere and stalk the hell out of me, there is not one thing that she must not know that I plan or do.

"Hi baby, what you doing in here?" she asked sweetly.

"None of your business Megumi" I said coldly.

I could feel her shiver at my answer, "Ha, so you are having something to do with Damon's new toy, right?" she said jealousy pouring out of every word; she is so easy to read.

"No, now leave me alone" I replied.

It's not like I have to explain myself to her, she's just another one of the girls I should have never even gotten involved with, but it's my fault for even getting caught up to her beauty, or more like her status as a 'hot' chic, her flowing sandy blonde hair until her shoulders, with her heart shaped face, strawberry lips, and almond sized blue eyes, that at times were the best thing I wanted to see, now it's just a nightmare being crossed between them.

"Goodbye Jonathan, I'll get you back, whether you like it or not" she said as she left. 

Wow, thanks to the almighty that she's finally gone; I shrugged her presence off and looked over at her.

I graced over at her simple beauty, it was so unexpectedness for a simple human to be that gorgeous; I must leave now, I don't want to be in here for much long, I might get her sent on me, and that might cause suspicion.

[Third Person's P.O.V.]

As soon as Jonathan had left, another person entered silently into Scarlett's bedroom, he got in as though he was just a shadow, but a simple stranger might do harm if you don't know too well about whom it is. He stood in front of her sleeping body, and hovered over her, looking plainly as the moon's light shining over her face, making her beauty more visible in the dark, he looked at the door as he heard footsteps and kissed her on the cheek as he vanished just in time when the door began to open.

In entered his royal highness, the prince, to look over his new prized possession, "You are just too beautiful to be a human" he spoke as he looked over her, "you will come with me" he said as he picked her up, "I still can't believe you fell asleep so early, and missed dinner, such a shame, it was going to be so much fun, especially for the outfit you picked, it would have been just splendid." He said as he vanished to another room, with a still unconscious Scarlett, to his bedroom.

To be Continued....

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