'Soccer Love? Maybe if they let it have a chance.'(Short/Long Story)-[One-Shot?]

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Soccer Love? Maybe if they let it have a chance.

Short/Long Story. [One Shot]


This is dedicated to my bff Amy, yes like the girl in the story. She has this masive crudh on him. 'Pato' is 20, just a small hint. If you don't know who 'Pato' is, he is in the soccer team 'Milan'.

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There once lived a girl, and her name was Amy, she lived in L.A., with her parents, she was an only child. So one day as an early gift, for her 19th birthday gift, they gave her an all payed trip to Italy, to stay and visit, but she would stay with some of her realtives, which she hadn't seen in a long time.

She was a Sagittarious, so oftenly she would check up on er horoscope, she didn't believe in it, but she liked comparing it when it was wrong on its prediction.

Days before she would leave she said her goodbye's to all her friends and family, and again on the by of her departure.

Her flight to I taly was early in the morning, way before the sun started to come out, she went through the normal procedures to leave her home, unto the trip of her life.

As she sat on her seat by the window side of the plane, she admired the scenery of the sunrise, as she flew to an unknown country, to have the time of her life, she thought, as she drifted into sleep, it was a long flight, and she needed all the sleep she could get.

As the plane got to its destination, Italy, the kind pilots assistant, woke her up gently, and told her that they were in Italy, she wished her a nice day and then left, Amy let out a big yawn and got up and sot her stuff, and starting heading down the put-on stairs of the plain.

She finished doing all the stuff you do at the airport when you arrive to another country.

After she got her luggage, and was heading for the doors to leave, she saw familiar people, with signs written on them her name, she imediately knew that they were her family.

She safely headed to them, zig-zagging past other tourists, and headed toward her family, which she hasn't seen for a long time, and hugged them all, and received lots of bear-hugs.

After there love fest, they headed to their home, which would be Amy's as well for the next couple of weeks.

She had lots of fun on the first week, but on the second week, her cousin Danny, who was a huge fan of soccer, asked her to go with him to watch a soccer game, since his friend couldn't go, she gladly said yes, it was her first time seeing a soccer game live, so she was very excited.

Because her family from Italy, were very powerful people, meaning as they were very rich, they could of gotten the best seats in the house, so her cousin got seats really close to were the players would start their match.

The crowd cheered as another goal was done by their most newcomer 'Pato', as they called him, Amy accompanied the crowd as well as her cousin, as they cheered on another goal, they were now 4-2, they were catching up, the other team was good as well, and was trying to get the lead back.

The other team catched up quickly and now were 4-3, this wasn't good for the team they came to cheer, which was Milan, she could see the faint figure of a guy running around with the ball to make it's score, she could only see the number of his shirt '7', 'Pato' she thought.

When he was about to kick the ball, he must of slipped, because he kicked it in the wrong direction, and came unto Amy's way, unlucky her, she got hit by the ball.

'Ouh' that hurts, thought Amy.

She suddenly saw blurry, and heard the sound of -umph- as she fell.

Everyone in the crowd turned to Amy's fainted body on the bleachers, as they became worried that she might of gotten severely hurt, by just one soccer ball hit.

Someone in the stands didn't even think and started dialing the emergency number for help.

The game was cancelled, and 'Pato' was being blamed for the hit on Amy, so his manager planned an apology dinner, in which 'Pato' would apologize to her, and that maybe the press would stop the bad comments.

Amy only stayed in the hospital for two days, it wasn't that serious of an injure, she only got kocked-out by the sudden hard impact.

A day before she left the hospital, she recieved an invitation, stating that she is invited to a dinner with 'Pato', the one whom had accidentaly hit her with the ball.

She didn't want to go, she had better things to do, but her cousin excited at the point that 'his' American cousin has a chance to meet him, told her that it was a one in a million chance, and to get him an atograph, she thought that was so shallow of him, but agreed.

On the day of the dinner she wore an elegant dress, that showed her beautiful features, as her curves made the dress fit her perfectly, she wore her hair curled, and only aplied a little makeup, it was in a very expensive restaurant, and she didn't want to stand out, in the worng way that is.

A limo came to pick her up, cordiosly provided by 'Pato'. She still didn't know his name, so she kept refering him as his nickname.

They arrived in no time, it wasn't that far away from her families house, so she wouldn't be late.

When the limo stopped, the driver got out and opened the door and handed me his hand to help me get out, I took it and got out, I said ''Goodbye'' as the driver got in and drove off.

She entered the elegant restaurant, and gazed at its beautiful features, and esquisite decorations, she stayed in awe, until she was taken back to reality by the man near the entrance as he asked her if she had reservations, before she could say anything an older looking man in a pinguin looking suit like the other man came in and told him ''Are you mad this is Amy James, and she is here with Mr. Alexandre Rodrigues da Salva'' and shot a glare at the man, and told me to follow him.

She followed him, to the most beautiful table ever, and beside there stood him, in an elegant tux, making him look very appealing, more like hot and sexy to be corrected.

'My friends were right, soccer players are damn sexy' she thought as she remembered her friends.

He looked at her, and noticed how beautiful she was, and thinking, 'Thank god I divorced Stephany, or I've never laid my eyes on her, but really thank god the ball hit her, and not an ugly, fat old lady' he sighed at the thought and felt relief.

He handed her his hand and pulled the chair so she could sit, and then pushed it to the table, 'The normal actions of a gentel man' she tought.

As the dinner went they talked and would flirt, unintentialy tha is, but they didn't notice, as they were to caught up in the nice converstaion they were having, they found out they had lots of things in common, and liked the way they were alike.

They started dating a bit, but then broke it off, not because they didn't like each other, but because they didn't want it to turn into a big love thing.

True matters was, that they were already in love, but knew that after Amy would go back to her country she would continue her studies, and he would continue with his career as an athlete, they both had lives and decided to become friends.

They wanted more, but it was just not possible. Or was it?

They kept in touch and would visit each other, oftenly that is, they still kept their realtionship stood only on friendship, but that still didn¡t hide the fact that they were inlove with each other.

They lived their lives, got married, again for Alexandre, and had a normal life, happily, but still having a hint of regret for the 'what if'.

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