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The FIVE  by forever_Jen_
The FIVE by forever_Jen_
They never expected this to happen, I knew something bad was coming because of what my sister (a psychic) said. She's lucky. She stayed home. It all started that one day...
  • island
  • bestfriend
  • hatred
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broken sister  by lillyannexx
broken sister by Lilly-Anne
Gwendolyn is 15. Gwen suffers with self harm and social anxiety. She was ripped away from her family at 3 months living with her aunt. she never knew much about her brot...
  • daviddobrik
  • read
  • sad
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Read for Read by rambovas
Read for Readby rambovas
anyone want read for read this is the place. LET IT ALL OUT Make this book famous also follow me the owner for more content. ;)
  • advertising
  • random
  • human
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Read for Read, comment for comment, plus more! [OPEN] by rock_dreamer
Read for Read, comment for comment...by HungryPizza
Are you a new author and want to get more reads on your book? Or are you an old pro and your book just doesn't get the fame you hoped it would after you poured your hea...
  • comments
  • commentforcomment
  • followforfollow
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❤ by sydddd-
by 🍕
read it tf✨
  • readd
  • sydd
  • lol
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Pull up by theyamourme
Pull upby Babygirl <3
It ain't nothing else going on, everything revolving around us, you know we kickin' it. #NLMBLoveStory
  • atlanta
  • drama
  • newstory
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The Chosen One (Interracial) by djeneboutoure
The Chosen One (Interracial)by Princess Jolie
"You are the most beautiful thing that I ever seen in my life, Ava" Meet, Ava Taylor. She is a beautiful African American girl who is 16 years old. Ava is i...
  • adult
  • agedifference
  • cheating
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Code Red by xosweetheart27
Code Redby Samantha
“Um, look, we can’t be best friends anymore,” He started. I felt my heart crack as soon as the words left his mouth. “What? Why not?” I asked confused. I felt the tears...
  • nina
  • top
  • follow
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Books to Read on Wattpad (Reviewed) by sourmanz53
Books to Read on Wattpad (Reviewed)by Kaylee
Need ideas for another book to read? Here are some of my favorite books that I have enjoyed on Wattpad and recommend that you read too. I have included books from year...
  • fluff
  • stories
  • must
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Kaitlyn💕 by KaitlynDallas_
Kaitlyn💕by kaite❤
my life
  • read
  • mylife
  • love
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His Broken Soul by Hijabi-Princess
His Broken Soulby Anonymous Writer
[Reached #1 in Spiritual] He stands there tall, but not the same man I saw yesterday. This man had his shoulders slouched, he was heaving up and down. Not strong and con...
  • him
  • ceo
  • lost
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PHARAOH | CloutSamurai  by CloutSamurai
PHARAOH | CloutSamurai by CloutSamurai
Work #9 // Pharaoh | After dealing with many hardships back home during her teen years, Beyoncé knew she had to find her peace. Between moving from place to place at the...
  • jayz
  • money
  • adversity
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The Boy Next Door by Eatinqwut
The Boy Next Doorby Isabelle Snyder
Something hit the side of my laptop screen and fell onto the floor. It was a paper airplane. There was a message written inside. "You look pretty hot in a towel. Yo...
  • highschoollife
  • lovestory
  • teen
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If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You Kidnap Me?! by xLimewireJunkiex
If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You...by xLimewireJunkiex
Schuyler was kidnapped walking home from her job a couple streets away from her house, by a group of guys that seem no older than her. they were hoping for a girl named...
  • girl
  • didnt
  • noah
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Kidnapped By A Billionaire (#1) ✅ by 12amwriting
Kidnapped By A Billionaire (#1) ✅by Grace [on break <3]
----- She was SUPPOSED to "dance" for the man. She was SUPPOSED to get seventeen thousand dollars. She was SUPPOSED to leave that club and shove the memory in...
  • dominic
  • fight
  • possesive
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Brother's Best Friend | Zion Kuwonu  by ed__gd
Brother's Best Friend | Zion Kuwon...by Melodramatic
  • fanfic
  • readplease
  • voteandcomment
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Geniveve by alex-t-s
Geniveveby alex-t-s
18 year old Geniveve Summers has just moved to London with her best friend Nina, they have both been accepted in to London's prestigious fashion and design school. They...
  • read
  • girl
  • the1975
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A Million Tears. by Fatal_Heart
A Million Tears.by Lana
  • landen
  • read
  • etc
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