[oo3] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....



''But as long as she's hot'' more talking ''oh, she'll be in my bed in no time, she looks like an easy one''

Oh, No He, Didn't!

So, he thinks he can get in my pants that easily?

Hmm.. we'll change that in no time.

He's getting nothing out of this girl.

Not in a million years.

Ha! That will show him.

He'll begging, he'll be my bitch, and not the other way around.



Chapter 3

New Life, New School, New House, New Everything!


*Still Packing....*

''Hurry up, you hag!'' yelled my mom, I can see she doesn't want me to leave at all, that quickly, sarcasm. I've been packing all my junk, which isn't much, thanks to the loving mother I have, I've been treated like charity, so I've gotten some jobs before, just to buy stuff I needed or wanted, like 'good' clothes, and 'tech' stuff. Two dark-patterned-matching, suitcases and a traveling bag, were all that belonged to me, and its contents, which I got all by myself, not a lot, if I may say.

I think she's not planning on hiding her facade anymore, seeing that I'm leaving today, just like that, and right before the prom, which I wouldn't of gone anyways, but would have gladly gone with my friends, seeing that they would have dragged me to the party, and make me look sickeningly hot for the occasion, just like last years, Midnight-Prom, I looked like a goddess, according to the drooling guys. I think maybe they exaggerated a little, because the only ting I wore was a black, strapless dress, lace corset, and an above the knee, long, matching black skirt, with the cutest pair of black converse, I know what your thinking, converse?, well yes!, I despise high-heels, they give me foot-ache, and pretty much, I'm a clumsy mess in a one of those pairs of Danger!

So Beware!

''Yes Mom'' I yelled back, even though I just wanted to curl up in a ball, and start yelling out ''Why me?!'' like the dramatic girl, that I am, how sad. trying my best to give out a strong, assuring yell.

One word, Failure.

That's how I feel right now, no other shortcut available, for now...but until I get to his trust I'll run away, but where? Okay, maybe the make him trust me and runaway plan, will probably be hard to accomplish, but there's other possibilities, right? Just got to keep my fingers crossed, and hope for better.

There's not even a cheat-code I can use, not to pass over this, this thing, I might as well surrender...'my way' I thought, with a evil smile mischievous on my face. Being literally thrown out is no bigger fuss than the vile simple truth, that I Elizabeth Clementine Brenue, will infarct have to play the biggest part of her life, without any guidance, of a supposedly loving mother, lots of air quotes to that statement, who's supposed to tell me how a lady should behave? Magazines, okay got that settled, How to cook? Cooking Books, check, How to.. okay apparently I don't need a mother that badly so...when m I leaving? Better yet, where am I going to live now, how exiting, not really, but whatever.

The only bad thing, is that I'm being thrown into the hands of that...creep.

She could of at least gotten me somebody more...my type.

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